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Your Journey starts here.

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Do you want to learn how to heal your body naturally and holistically, and enjoy radiant health and vitality everyday 
for the rest of your life?

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Meet Henry Jones...

About This Book:
The enigmatic Henry Jones has a big, brown envelope that holds the secrets to natural and holistic healing. With the help of a few quirky friends, they'll teach you exactly how to heal yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Join them on a touching, often humorous, journey to true wellness that delves into ancient and modern self-healing practices,
forcing you to look inward and take back control
of your life for good. 

Now you can follow the journey of your favourite characters in the book through a series of online courses.

course Benefits

What We Offer You.

Private & Group Learning

You can do our courses on your own, however we offer group learning events, giving you the opportunity to meet like-minded people from around the world and share your learning experience with them.


Our courses come with hardcopy Workbooks that enable you to design, plan and manage your course activities, as well as track your progress, measure your performance, and record your experience. 

Community Engagement

Our exclusive Member's Area includes social networking functionality so you can engage our team and other students online, learn from them, share your own story, ask questions, and get the support you need to succeed on our courses.
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Practical Exercises

The crux of our courses are the prescribed Daily Exercises. They give you the rare chance to roll up your shirt sleeves and apply what you learn to your life to produce tangible results. 

Online & Offline

It is possible to do our courses using the hardcopy Workbooks only, but we have produced tons of digital content to enhance your learning experience; such as videos, podcasts, sound bites, and online tutorials.  Enroll for free to see!

Comprehensive Programs

Each course is accompanied by a healing or wellness program that leads you by the hand down the path to true wellness. To enjoy the full benefits of our proven methodology, simply follow the program guidelines in the Member's Area. Sign Up.
Are you ready to see our courses yet?

Embark on an amazing journey to true wellness 
with Henry Jones today.

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