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Peter Stephen Shrimpton was diagnosed with a life threatening illness at the age of thirty three. Life as he knew it came to a grinding halt. He suddenly realized nothing is more important than health. Money, possessions, career, people - even love - are not more essential than wellness. Peter's priorities shifted to getting well and staying well. He needed to understand why he got sick in the first place, and then what he could do to restore his body to perfect health. What he discovered will astound you...
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My Journey To True Wellness

As a victim of disease, I felt helpless and afraid. My medical practitioners advised me to depend on surgery and medication to get well again. (And just hope for the best!)  

What else could I do?  

Searching for answers, I read volumes of medical journals. I spent many long, dry hours researching the latest drugs that modern medicine has to offer. But, nothing I read brought me closer to understanding the cause of my problem, or healing my body for good. My bladder cancer was operable, but I was terrified cancer would return. 

Then, I discovered natural, holistic healing. A whole, new and exciting world of opportunity opened up for me. I began consuming self-help books, and started practicing natural healing techniques. 
I immersed myself in this fascinating approach to wellness, and discovered the path to true wellness.  

Together, my lovely wife Mandy and I embarked on an amazing healing journey. Along the way, I took meticulous notes from the healers we met and collected essential information from the scores of inspirational books I read. Most importantly, I wrote about my personal experience in a healing journal. I didn't know it then, but this powerful body of work would become the backbone of the Henry Jones healing system.

After restoring my body to perfect health, I volunteered at a local hospital for two years. Here, I got to share my newfound knowledge and experience with sick people. Finding great value in the notes I liberally distributed, patients frequently suggested I write a book. At first, I thought this was a crazy idea because I felt unqualified to be a writer. But, people assured me my healing journey was worth writing about.

"I wanted to tell a story that reveals the secrets of self-healing in a unique, fun, and engaging way." 

Most of the books I read specialized in a field of healing. I couldn’t find one that showed readers exactly how to heal themselves holistically. That is, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Preferring novels to self-help books, I finally set out to write a book about healing in my spare time. I worked every evening, every weekend, and every holiday. It took me 20 years to finish it.

The Henry Jones Self-Healing System.

My book, The Healing Chronicles of Henry Jones, was written for people who are sick. But, it is relevant for everyone!
My writing style is colloquial and easy-to-read. Complex issues are made slap-your-forehead-simple. It's very useful to ordinary folks with no medical background.

After writing The Healing Chronicles of Henry Jones, my next goal was to enable readers to apply what they learned from my book. So, I developed the Henry Jones Workbook, Handbook and Notebook. Together, this set of books provides folks who need to heal their bodies with a complete, natural, holistic self-healing kit.  It's called the Henry Jones's 40-Day Healing Journey.

My next big goal was to make Henry Jones accessible online for everyone. The Healing and Wellness Courses (Challenges) on this website enable you to do the 40-Day Journey in 4 stages. Plus, they provide you with instant access to the course content across all digital media (text, voice and video). 
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The Motivation To Move Into Wellness:
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Although my passion is helping people to heal themselves, I developed the Wellness Courses because people who are sick usually have loved ones or caregivers who want to support them on their healing journey. The Wellness Courses enables partners, family-members, and care-givers to support their loved ones on their healing journey by doing the Wellness Versions of the Challenges alongside them. You can significantly boost your personal well-being by doing Henry Jones's Wellness Journey, while sharing the experience with someone on their Henry Jones Healing Journey. 

Let me guide you on your journey:

You can do our Challenges on your own at home alone, but it's much better to do them in a Group or privately with me as your Journey Leader. 
"It is my sincerest wish that you discover true wellness. I'm here to help you on your journey. My Healing and Wellness Courses are a legitimate way for you to discover your true nature, find your true-self, unlock your true potential, and realize your true purpose in life. They'll help you to be the best version of yourself, heal your body, and enjoy radiant health and vitality every day for the rest of your life. They worked for me, and others, and they will work for you too."
Peter Stephen Shrimpton
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