Hands-On-Healing Challenge

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Do this 8-Day Challenge, and you'll learn how to promote wellness in your body with your hands. 
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This online course is best suited to individuals who are healthy and want to enhance their wellness naturally and holistically. 
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Online or Offline

Do it on your own or in a Group.
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Completing the Plant-Based Challenge is a prerequisite for access.

Journey Leader:

Peter Stephen Shrimpton


8 Days (7+1)

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What you are going to learn...

Course Overview of this
8-Day Physical Healing Challenge:

The purpose of this Challenge is for you to learn how to promote wellness in your body with your hands.  
Throughout the Hands-On-Healing Challenge, you'll discover many amazing things about yourself and life, such as:

  • Why and how hands-on-healing works
  • The basic hands-on-healing positions.
  • How to treat specific organs in your body.

Your objective is to practice hands-on-healing every day for 7-days straight. You'll focus on one hand position per day, and work towards being able to complete Henry Jones's full Hands-On-Healing Therapy Session at the end of the Challenge on day-8.
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Peter Stephen Shrimpton

Writer, Entrepreneur, Facilitator, Coach, Family-Man, Story-Teller, Philanthropist, Soul-Searcher.
After overcoming a life threatening illness, Peter spent the past 20 years researching, studying, practicing, writing, and developing healing and wellness courses. He's also worked very closely with medical professionals, healers, and patients to design original natural and holistic healing and wellness techniques. Peter is the author of the book, The Healing Chronicles of Henry Jones, upon which this Challenge is based. 

Peter loves making a real tangible difference in people’s lives. He says, “Our capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance, it reinforces our connection with each other and gives our lives true meaning.”
"I have personally done Peter's wellness programs on more than one occasion, and I happily recommend them to my patients."
"I think everyone in the world should do Peter's healing and wellness programs. They are truly transformative."

Promote wellness in your body with your hands today.

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