4th - 6th February 2022, The Clophill Centre, Bedfordshire.
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Come join this intensive and interactive Power Weekend Workshop and you'll learn how to heal yourself;
physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
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Is this You?

The Need.

  • Are you worried about your health?
  • Are you sick?
  • Do you suffer from pain?
  • Are you anxious or depressed?
  • Has your doctor already given you "the bad news?"
  • Are you taking medication?
  • Do you need surgery?
  • Do you want to heal your body?
  • Are you looking for answers?


When you're sick, you feel bad. You're weak, vulnerable, and miserable. Sometimes, you're worried - even afraid! You waste time going to the doctor, or worse – hospital! You lose money on medical bills and medication. You aren’t much fun to be around, your quality of life is compromised, and simply can’t enjoy yourself like you once did. It's awful, isn't it? 

More than anything else, you want to get well again. And stay well! Sure, you can depend on your doctors and rely on medication or surgery, but you don't have to be a powerless patient. There is a lot you can do to help your body heal itself!
The fact is, you can only see your doctor for 30 minutes or so every couple of weeks. What happens in between these consultations is up to you. It's your body, and your problem. You need to sort it out!

So, if you're sick your number one question right now should be, “What can I do to get well as fast as possible?" 


In that case, you'll be pleased to hear there's a Natural & Holistic Healing Course coming up where you can learn exactly how to heal yourself...

Do you need to heal your body?

You have the power to heal yourself.
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Modern medicine treats the symptoms of disease, not the cause of it. This is your chance to discover the cause of sickness and disease, and learn how to deal with it once and for all. When the cause is removed, the symptoms disappear. Come find the answers you seek, get expert advice, equip yourself with practical tools, and receive a comprehensive self-healing program that leads you by the hand on your personal journey to true wellness.

Open your mind. Heal your body. Awaken your spirit. Free your emotions.

"There is an inseparable inter-connectedness between your body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Together, they play a key role in your health and in the healing process. The secret of self-healing lies in restoring the natural balance between them. When you bring holistic balance back into your life, your body naturally begins to heal itself. That's how it works!" 


Learn to live in harmony with Mother Nature, abide by the natural laws, discover your true-self and heal your body. Join us, and you'll walk away from this weekend workshop knowing powerful and effective self-healing techniques that you can use to restore harmony naturally and holistically...


Natural means using Mother Nature's products to heal you. Holistic means treating yourself as a whole person; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 


Boost your body's natural healing processes by learning to give it exactly what it needs to restore balance and harmony.


Acquire the knowledge you need to heal your body, and then learn to harness the power of your mind to create the reality you desire.


Find your true-self within, and then learn to connect your internal and external worlds through your body's energy centres to promote healing.


Identify killer emotions and hurtful memories that make you sick, and learn how to heal them permanently with a proven method.
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Restore holistic harmony in your life, and your body will heal itself naturally.



Do this Natural & Holistic Healing Course, and you'll...
  • Understand the cause of sickness and disease.
  • Know how to heal yourself through neuroscience.
  • Experience original self-healing modalities.
  • Discover the path to true wellness. 
  • Follow a time-proven healing program. 
  • Identify areas for self-improvement.
  • Have access to exclusive course content online.
  • Participate in online Discussion Groups.
  • Get a discount for our next course.
  • Bond with like-minded people on healing journeys.


By doing this course, you'll...
  • Know all about natural and holistic healing.
  • Be able to do practical healing exercises at home.
  • Design and manage your own self-healing program.
  • Raise your self-awareness.
  • Heighten your body consciousness.
  • Get new direction and purpose on your healing journey.
  • Be motivated and inspired to practice self-healing. 
  • Realize a whole lot about yourself (and life) that you didn't know before.


Take control of your healing journey:

You are not a victim of sickness or disease. There's no point in being a powerless patient. That won't help you to heal your body. This course puts you back in control of your healing process.

Learn powerful self-healing techniques:

Join this course, and you'll learn loads of amazing healing techniques that you can do yourself. They're all quick and easy to do, very effective, and free.

Discover your

There is a difference between what you've become and who you truly are. This course will help you to discover your true nature and find your true-self, which is the key to your healing and true wellness. 

Know the way forward:

You don't have to make it up as you go along on your healing journey anymore. You'll receive a sure-fire route to recovery that removes the guesswork and gives you a comprehensive plan of action to follow.


If so, hit the enroll button to join this course. 
If not, keep reading to learn more about the course sessions... 


In this session, you'll learn about the true origin of sickness and disease, as well as modern medicine. Plus, you'll discover how the basic principle of neuro-science is the key to being healed.

Physical Healing:

Learn to boost your body’s natural healing processes by giving it exactly what it needs to restore physical balance and harmony. Plus, you'll examine the benefits of a whole-foods plant-based diet and effective ways to activate your organs of elimination. And, you'll get to experience Henry Jones's ground-breaking Yo-chi and HJX classes. 

Mental Healing:

Learn to use the amazing power of your mind to heal your body and create the reality you most desire for yourself and your family. Healthy, positive thinking triggers well-being, vitality, energy, rejuvenation and healing. This is an essential life-skill to acquire and cultivate on your healing journey.

Spiritual Healing:

Learn to become conscious of your true-self and connect with the natural healing energy within you. Through powerful guided meditations you can raise your self-awareness and heal your body’s energy centres, restoring balance and harmony within. (You’ll find your healing in the last place you look – within.)

Emotional Healing:

Learn to identify the emotional blockages that are making you sick and deal with them, once and for all. Emotions are powerful creative forces. You'll find out how to tune into your emotional guidance system, so that you can steer your thoughts and actions in order to heal your body and discover true wellness. Plus, you'll experience Henry Jones's 10 Healing Stances.


This Natural & Holistic Healing Course includes 2 Bonus Features to help you on your healing journey.



You'll have instant access to our online community so you can engage with other participants and keep track of our school activities.


Digital Content

The course material is available to you online in various forms of media (tutorials, podcasts, and video) which means you'll always have easy access to it.

Space is Limited!

Only 15 seats are available to ensure you get the personal attention you need and deserve.


Peter Stephen Shrimpton was diagnosed with cancer at the age of thirty three. His life came to a grinding halt. He suddenly realized that nothing is more important than health. Money, possessions, career, people - even love - are not more essential than wellness. Peter's priorities shifted to getting well, and staying well. He needed to understand why he got sick in the first place, and what he could do to restore his body to perfect health. What he discovered will astound you.
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Read his book - The Healing Chronicles of Henry Jones. It's based on his personal healing journey to true wellness.  Click here to read bout Peter's Journey.

What satisfied participants say about this course.

"As a nurse with many years experience, when I read Henry Jones, met Peter, and was deeply privileged to do the very first Introduction Course with him, I knew we had something incredible in our hands that would really change the world- as it did mine."
"This is a gem of a course. It is motivating and inspiring at the same time. Peter is an incredible source of knowledge, experience, and wisdom. He is a great facilitator too!"
"This short course blew my mind. I thought I had all the answers on my healing journey and then Peter introduced me to Henry Jones. Now my journey is truly beginning - thank you, thank you, thank you! 
Annette Steenkamp



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  • Fully Facilitated Weekend Workshop
  • Learning Materials (Tutorials, Podcasts & Videos)
  • Access to the Member's Area
  • Online Discussion Group
  • Community Features
  • Access to the Author
Note: This price does not include accommodation or food.


How much would you pay for a healthy, healed body?

The fact is, nothing is more valuable to you than your health. Right? 

This being said, I do believe in a fair exchange. You'll receive tremendous benefit from doing this Natural & Holistic Healing Course with me, and the modest fee will enable me to market this course to other folks in need. (That sounds like a fair exchange, doesn't it?)


This Natural and Holistic Healing Course will cost you more than £260.00. Time is your most precious resource. You'll need to set aside your weekend, from Friday evening to late Sunday afternoon.  But, you'll learn to find your true-self and heal your body, which will make this course one of the best investments you make on your healing journey.

I actually guarantee it...
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If you do this Natural & Holistic Healing Course and you don't think you derived from it the value you paid for it, I'll immediately refund you 100% of the course fee - no questions asked!
(I always make this promise, but I've never had to give anyone their money back!) 

My Personal
Commitment to You:

I've spent over 20 years researching, studying, practicing, writing, and developing healing and wellness courses. I've also worked very closely with medical professionals, healers, and patients to design original natural and holistic healing techniques. All of my content has been tried and tested, so I can offer it to you with confidence and pride.

I believe my true purpose is to help people heal themselves and discover true wellness. I want to reach as many people as possible, so I produce programs and courses that are easily accessible, ridiculously inexpensive, and definitely achievable for laypersons with no medical qualifications. But I don't compromise on quality! 

I'm totally committed to making it as easy as possible for you understand this course content and apply what you learn. That's why I've produced the course content across multiple platforms, which are available to you in the exclusive Member's Area. You're most welcome to reach out to me there, if you need further assistance from me after the course. 

Enjoy your introduction to natural and holistic healing with Henry Jones!
Peter Stephen Shrimpton
"My true purpose is to help people heal themselves and discover true wellness."


"This Natural & Holistic Healing Course is a great way to learn more about Henry Jones, which is the most powerful and comprehensive healing system I've ever seen in 40 years of being a medical practitioner."
Dr Fred Van Der Riet
"I highly recommend this Natural & Holistic Healing Course to people who want to get an overview of natural and holistic healing techniques and modalities. It is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to heal their body, mind, spirit, and emotions."
Lynnette Moodey

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers?

What must I bring? 

The Course fee does not include meals, so please bring along a brown-bag lunch on Saturday. On Sunday, we will have a Sexy Salad, which means all the participants will bring something delicious and nutritious to eat from home, and we'll share a meal together.

It's advisable to bring along a notepad and pen, just in case you want to write down personal notes. The course content is available online in the Member's Area on our website.

On Saturday, please bring a yoga mat or towels for our stretch and exercise demonstration class.

What should I wear?

Dress casually, comfortably, and warmly.  You'll need suitable clothes for the stretch and exercise demonstration class. 

Is the course just theory?

No, the workshop includes practical exercises.

Do I have to be on a healing journey?

Actually not! Although the context of the course content is suitable for people who are sick, suffering from pain, or depressed, the workshops are highly beneficial for anyone wanting to boost their personal well-being.

Do I have to participate in the practical exercises?

No, participation is optional. You are welcome to observe the practical classes. No pressure will be put on you to get actively involved. 

Can I bring my care-giver or support partner?

You are welcome to invite others to join you, however they will be expected to pay the course fee. A care-giver discount can be negotiated in special circumstances.

Is this an Introduction Course?

Yes, Henry Jones offers you a series of healing and wellness courses. We encourage you to do Henry Jones's signature 40-Day Healing Journey after this Natural & Holistic Healing Course. Learn more....

Do I have to read The Healing Chronicles of Henry Jones first?

It’s not essential for you to read The Healing Chronicles of Henry Jones before you attend this course. The course content has been extracted from the book.  If you choose to read the book beforehand you will still benefit from the practical exercises, author access, facilitation, and community participation. 

Enroll for this Natural & Holistic Healing Course and the secrets of self-healing will be revealed to you.

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