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Learn how to do Yo-Chi and you'll be able to stretch your whole body whenever you like for free. 

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Stop, and answer these simple questions:

  • Are you under stress?
  • Does your body sometimes experience aches and pains, especially your shoulders, neck and back
  • Are you feeling old and lazy?
  • Could you have a better, healthier relationship with your body?
  • Would you like to be more subtle, toned, strong, and healthy?
  • Should you spend more quality time with yourself?
  • Do you have insufficient hours in the day to go to yoga or pilates classes?
  • If there was an easy, enjoyable way to raise your body consciousness tremendously and get in touch with your true-self, would you do it?
Are you up for it?

Your Challenge is to learn Henry Jones's Yo-Chi sequence
by heart in 14-days.


Henry Jones's Yo-Chi Challenge.

Yo-chi is a powerful therapeutic technique that is easy to learn, fun to do, absolutely free, and tremendously beneficial to your body. The word Yo-Chi is a blend of yoga and tai chi. 

Let us explain: In yoga, the stances (or asanas) are usually determined by the yoga instructor. The stances vary from session to session. There are plenty of them to choose from. Now don’t get us wrong, yoga is a great exercise and we highly recommend it but the problem is beginners often leave the class not knowing what to do at home on their own. 

In Tai Chi, everyone learns the same sequence of stances and they perform them at the same time. That’s why tai-chi looks beautifully choreographed when you see people doing it together. The nice thing about Tai Chi is that once you’ve learned the sequence of movements and stances, you can do the routine anywhere and anytime because you know exactly what to do.  Sure, it might take you a lifetime to master Tai Chi but the routine remains the same.


Why You Should Do This Challenge:

A word from the founder, Peter Stephen Shrimpton:

Knowing the benefits of yoga and tai chi, I develop a sequential series of yoga positions that can be practiced alone or in sync with others. This is the reason I call it Yo-Chi. I combined the best of both worlds to create a new form of exercise that stretches your entire body in a single routine. The continuous movement elegantly flows from one position to the next in the most logical, intuitive and efficient way. This makes Yo-Chi very easy to learn.

The beauty of this system is that each movement and position is controlled and regulated by your breath. But not any old breathing. A very special breathing technique is used to keep you in the present moment throughout the Yo-Chi routine. You can choose how many times you’d like to breathe in and out for each of the positions. This allows you to control the time it takes you to complete the routine. 

For example: If you only have 15 minutes to stretch, you can do the whole Yo-Chi routine without pausing for a full breath in each position. If you have 25 minutes, you should do the routine with one breath intervals. 35 minutes = 2 breath intervals.  And so on…The routine involves coiling and uncoiling or compressing and decompressing movements, as well as strength and relaxation exercises. 

Some positions will be easy to do but others may be physically challenging for you. The good news is that the strength exercises are always followed by relaxation exercises so the Yo-Chi routine isn’t too strenuous.

Here's a tip: It’s great fun to share your learning experience with a friend or loved one. We highly recommend you find a Yo-Chi buddy, or join a Group

One final thing: You should always try to do the Yo-Chi routine as effortlessly as possible. If you find that you’re straining too much then be gentler with yourself. Yo-Chi is meant to be pleasurable. Your goal is to find that exquisite balance between tension and relaxation. The secret to Yo-Chi is effortlessness.

Enroll Now!

Start learning how to do Yo-Chi today and you'll have an incredible skill for the rest of your life.


The purpose of this challenge is to enable you to systematically stretch your whole body anywhere and anytime at zero cost in order to promote your health and well-being. 


Your primary objectives are to learn the complete Yo-Chi routine by heart, and then to perfect your technique over time so that you can do it effortlessly with elegance and grace. 



Accept this Challenge, and you'll learn how to:
  • Do the full Yo-Chi routine from start to finish.
  • Stretch your whole body.
  • Determine the duration of your Yo-Chi session.
  • Control the movements and stances with your breath.
  • Integrate stretching and mindfulness.


By doing this Challenge, you'll...
  • Massage your internal organs ─ especially your organs of elimination like your liver, kidneys, bowels and bladder.
  • Relieve tension in your muscles.
  • Improve your flexibility, tone, coordination, posture, focus, breathing, control and fitness.
  • Build strength and stamina.
  • Revitalize your internal system.
  • Get more in tune with your body.


Yo-Chi is free to do:

You don’t have to join a yoga studio or purchase special equipment. You can save your money by learning how to stretch your whole body anytime at zero cost.

You can do Yo-Chi anywhere:

You don’t need much space to do Yo-Chi. You can do the whole routine on a beach towel or yoga mat.

You can train yourself:

You don’t need to join a class or follow an instructor. You can learn the movements and do the whole routine on your own.

You determine the duration of your Yo-Chi session:

Each movement is controlled by your breath. You choose how many breaths you want to do between each movement (or stance) in the sequence, which determines the duration of your Yo-Chi session

The Biggest Benefit Of All:

No doubt about it, stretching is an active exercise with amazing healing benefits. But most importantly, stretching requires you to make time for yourself – your true-self – and to look within. You see, you have to be in tune with your body to be able to feel how far you can stretch your muscles, and for how long you can hold the position. Every time you do Yo-Chi you'll connect with your inner-self - your true-self. Guaranteed!

Stretching is essential for you to do if you need to heal your body. It’s not a luxury exercise to simply reduce your stress level. It is a crucial healing technique that you simply must get into the habit of practicing daily while you’re on your healing journey. Once you’ve restored your body to perfect health, you really should stretch your body a few times a week for the rest of your life.  This is why learning Yo-Chi now is such a good idea. It’s a great life-skill to have – one that will serve you for many years to come.


Here's what people are saying about the Yo-Chi Challenge:
Yo-Chi is the highlight of my day.

“I now look forward to stretching my body because I know exactly what to do.”
Peter Merrimen
Yo-Chi is a dream for busy people like me.

“I love the fact that I can customise my routine to fit the time I have available to stretch.”
Abigail Johnston
Yo-Chi saved my marriage.

“My hubby and I do Yo-Chi together now and our relationship has never been stronger.”
Fran Becker
Wife & Mom

Read enough to start learning
Yo-Chi right now?

Lesson series


The Yo-Chi Challenge is fun for the whole family. It's a great way for beginners to start stretching their bodies, young and old. The daily Lessons and Exercises will guide you through the whole Yo-Chi Sequence, from start to finish. All essential training material and support are included. Read on for the details...
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Watch the Yo-Chi Introduction Video to learn the 7 Principles of Yo-Chi.  This video will give you a better understanding of the form, as well as help you with your technique. 
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Enrol today and you’ll get instant access to a series of instructional videos that’ll show you exactly how to do the whole Yo-Chi routine from start to finish. Simply follow the lessons in order and you’ll quickly learn the sequence by heart. They also give you the finer details of each movement and stance so that you can perfect your technique. The key to learning Yo-Chi is repetition and practice. Watch the videos repeatedly and follow along until you’ve learned to do Yo-Chi like a pro. 
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We've recorded special Yo-Chi soundtracks that chime when it's time to move to the next position. You'll find soundtracks for routines with 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 breaths. 
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You will have access to recorded Yo-Chi Classes so that you can follow the routine from start to finish without any interruptions.  Classes for 1 - 10 breath intervals.
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Reflection Session.

It's important to reflect on your life experiences so that you can learn and grow from them. This tutorial gives you the chance to assess your performance on the Yo-Chi Challenge, and to establish how much it benefited you. 
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The Yo-Chi Challenge includes 2 Bonus Features to help you on your journey to true wellness.



You'll have instant access to our online community so you can engage with other students and keep track of our school activities.


Discussion Board

Get involved with Yo-Chi students as they discuss their practice online. 


If so, hit the enroll button to start learning Yo-Chi. 
If not, keep reading to learn more about the Yo-Chi Challenge and how you can take it to the next level... 


You can do the Yo-Chi Challenge on your own at home alone or your can choose to do it in a Group.
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We host fully-facilitated Group Challenges via Zoom. Join like-minded people from all over the world and share this incredible 14-day wellness journey with them.


Want to experience 14 truly
extraordinary days?


  • Start each day by waking up to see the sunrise.
  • Drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of lemon juice - honey optional - first thing in the morning. (This combination is a powerful antioxidant.)
  • Follow a whole-foods, plant-based diet.
  • Cut out all your harmful vices. (Alcohol, smoking, sugar, man-made food, etc)
  • Make time to douse yourself in sunlight - or natural light - at least once a day for 5-minutes.
  • Do something that makes you happy. (Make a Happy Plan)
  • Meditate daily.
  • Exercise at least 3 times during this challenge.  (Try HJX)
  • Be kind and gentle to people, and lavish them with deserving praise.
  • Plan each day in advance.
  • Omit or limit television and social media.
  • Go to bed early and get a good night's sleep.


Yo-Chi Challenge

USUALLY $99.99
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  • Access to the Yo-Chi Challenge Member's Area
  • 14 Training Sessions (video)
  • 20 Soundtracks
  • 5 Classes
  • 14 Instructor Tutorials


A calm mind and supple body are worth your weight in gold. So is your health and well-being.

The good news is, doing Yo-chi will calm your mind and promote health in your body. That's why investing $49.99 into your future health and well-being by learning Yo-Chi now is a bargain of a life-time. 


Okay, to be honest, this challenge will cost you more than $49,99. We know time is your most precious resource. You'll need to set aside a minimum of 20 minutes each time you watch one of the 14 instructional videos. You'll also need to practice the routine. You should invest an hour a day to learn Yo-Chi.  That's all it will take to learn this fun-taas-tick life skill.

My Personal Commitment to You:

I've spent over 20 years researching, studying, practicing, writing, and developing healing and wellness courses. I've also worked very closely with medical professionals, healers, and patients to design original natural and holistic healing techniques. All of my original content has been tried and tested, so I can offer it to you with confidence and pride.

I believe my purpose in life is to help people heal themselves and discover true wellness. I want to reach as many people as possible, so I produce courses that are easily accessible, ridiculously inexpensive, and definitely achievable for laypersons with no medical qualifications. But I don't compromise on quality! 

I'm totally committed to making it as easy as possible for you to do the Yo-Chi Challenge. That's why I've produced plenty of content across multiple platforms, which are available to you in the exclusive Member's Area. You're most welcome to reach out to me there, if you need my assistance. Although, I've made this Challenge so self-explanatory and easy to follow that I'm certain you'll learn Yo-Chi with a Mona-Lisa grin on your lips.  

Enjoy learning to stretch your body from top to toe.
Peter Stephen Shrimpton
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"My purpose in life is to help people heal themselves and discover true wellness."

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do Yo-Chi if I am sick?

Yo-Chi is a mild stretch class that is suitable for beginners. However, if you are concerned about your health please consult your medical practitioner before doing the Yo-Chi Challenge

Do you provide remote coaching or training?

Unfortunately, coaching is not offered for Yo-Chi unless in a group. 

How do groups work?

We set a common Start-Date and commit to doing the Yo-Chi Challenge together in 14-days straight. We meet online - using Zoom (our preferred platform).  

How can I join a group?

Visit our Events page to confirm our next Start Date. Space is limited. A maximum of 20 people embark on a Yo-Chi Journey together, so that we can provide everyone with the personal attention they deserve. You may have to put your name on our waiting list.

Should I read The Healing Chronicles of Henry Jones?

Yes, read The Healing Chronicles of Henry Jones! This book will provide you with all the knowledge and wisdom you need to find your true-self, heal your body, and enjoy radiant health and vitality every day for the rest of your life. 

Learn Yo-Chi.

Stretch your body from top to toe in one session.
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