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How To Reward Your True-Self.

When last did you win an award? Can you remember how great it felt? You should feel like that as often as possible on your healing or wellness journey.
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In this blogpost, you're given the reasons why you should have a rewards program on Henry Jones's healing and wellness Challenges (and in life). The reasons are irrefutable. If you like to feel the inner joy that bubbles up inside of you when you receive a reward, keep reading…

Hello there, champion of true wellness...

We’ve got news for you: It’s crucial to reward yourself for achieving your goals on a healing or wellness journey. Rewards give you something for which to aim. They motivate you to excel. If you really want the reward, you’ll strive to achieve it. Interestingly, being rewarded is often more valued than the reward itself. Children will run as fast as they can to win a race for a lollipop. It’s not the lollipop that drives them, but the chance to be rewarded for an accomplishment that’s the real motivator.

The nice thing about rewards is that they are always attached to an accomplishment. That’s the beauty of them. They signify a triumph. You want to punctuate your healing or wellness journey with moments of triumph.

A reward also pegs your accomplishments. You’ll remember achieving your goal by the reward you receive. That's why your rewards for achieving your milestones should be meaningful to you. No, they don’t have to be expensive, luxury items! Rewards can be small, inexpensive items that matter to you. For instance, they can be experiences that bring you pleasure, but cost nothing.

Here's some ideas for you...

Inexpensive Reward Suggestions:

Perhaps some of these suggestions tickle your fancy:
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  • Write someone a loving letter.
  • Go on a picnic.
  • Pick yourself flowers.
  • Visit someone special.
  • Take time off work to do nothing.
  • Hug people you care about.
  • Do something that you’ve always wanted to do.
  • Go dancing.
  • Get yourself something nice.
  • Have your hair styled.
  • Groom and pamper yourself. (Manicures, pedicures, etc)
  • Treat yourself. (But no vices, sorry!)
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The important thing is that you feel rewarded having received them, or experienced them. 

Get the Workbooks:

If you’ve already got the Workbook for your upcoming Challenge, then you’ll know it includes a Rewards Program so that you can plan to treat yourself. If you don’t have the Workbook yet, get it soon. It's an essential tool for you to use on the Challenge. 

You need to write down the goals you'd like to achieve in four focus areas in your life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Next, develop a plan to reward yourself for achieving these goals. You really should identify fun ways to incentivize yourself to stay on your healing or wellness journey long after you complete the Challenge. Try it! You won’t regret it! 

We don’t mean to harp on about the Challenge Workbooks, but they includes a section for goal setting. 
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What Did You Learn?

Blogpost Objective:

The objective of this blogpost is to inspire you to reward yourself for achieving your goals on your healing or wellness journey, and in life.
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"Rewards bring joy and celebration. They make our accomplishments special and memorable."

Call To Action:

  1. Write down the goals you'd like to achieve on your upcoming Challenge. Use the Challenge Workbook. It has a specific section for goal setting.
  2. You are required to set goals in the four focus areas: Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.
  3. Then, use the Rewards Program to set targets and milestones. Each time you reach a milestone, reward yourself.
  4. But don't stop here: You should adopt this practice when you complete the Challenge. Take the goals you set for your life and establish targets and milestones. It's a good idea to have plenty of milestones to achieve because being rewarded feels great.
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Do you know how to reward yourself now?

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