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The True Power Of A Program.

Do you wake up each day knowing exactly what you're going to do to connect with your true-self, heal your body, and ensure you enjoy radiant health and vitality every day for the rest of your life? Do days slip by without you making any conscious effort at all? Do you have a concrete plan to make the critical life-changes you need on your healing or wellness journey or does it feel like you’re just plodding along from day to day, mindlessly responding to whatever situations come your way? 
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In this blogpost, you’ll learn the critical importance of having a program to follow. It presents a pretty strong case for having an effective personal management program whilst doing Henry Jones's healing and wellness Challenges. And in life! If you don’t have a program to follow each day, keep reading…

Hello there, champion of true wellness...

Listen up: Your brain is like a computer. It performs whatever program you put into it. Without a program to follow, your brain reverts to default each and every day. This is a major problem when your default program is to continuously do things that compromise your well-being and health. You know what we're talking about: Those destructive behavioral patterns that impair your immune system, create disease, influence your mood, affect your attitude, and bring you down - whether you're conscious of it or not!

The reason why so many people don't find their true-selves is because they don't consciously and deliberately do things that connect them with their true-selves. In the same way, people can't heal their bodies because they don't practice natural and holistic healing techniques every day. They wake up each day not knowing exactly what to do to connect with their true-selves or heal themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Without this integrated plan of action, their unconscious-mind kicks in and they go through their day as usual. They don’t modify their behaviour, and stay stuck in a rut. 

Sound familiar? If so, read on

My Story With 
Mental Programs:

The power of programs first occurred to me when I went shopping for my wife, Mandy, whilst I was on my healing journey. I needed to buy groceries for the week, so I went to our local supermarket and followed my usual routine. I meandered up and down each aisle from one side of the store to the other, randomly putting items I thought we needed into the trolley.

When I got home my wife asked me if I got Epson salts. I said no. Then she asked me if I got raisins, and I replied no again. Then she asked me if I got bananas, and I had to admit I’d forgotten them too. Boy oh boy, was I in the dog-box or what?  "Why don’t you just give me a list of things to buy?" I protested. I didn’t know it then and there, but I was about to stumble across a notion that would revolutionize my healing journey. 
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The next time I went shopping, I made sure I had a list of things to buy, and my whole shopping experience changed. Instead of meandering up and down the aisles, I selected the item at the top of the list and went to find it. Then I crossed it off my list, and moved to the next item. I did this for every item on the list. When I got home and put the groceries on the kitchen table, I felt like a rock star. I was so proud to show Mandy that I’d crossed-off everything on the list. 
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It hit me like a ton of bricks!

Having a simple to-do-list is the key to doing activities that connect you to your true-self and heal your body every day. Without a list of things to do you have no program to follow. The secret to making it happen holistically is waking up with a list of things to do to be your true-self and heal yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Tah dah!  It's not exactly rocket science but when you get it - when you really get it - it's a game-changer!

If the light bulb has just gone on in your head, things will never be the same again for you.  

You Can Program Your Behavior.

Yes it’s true. You have the ability to program yourself. You can write your own wellness program. Let me say it one more time because it’s that important: You need to wake up each morning having planned your day’s activities and schedule. This gives your mind a program to run. It’s just for one day, so is easily manageable.

This is the secret: You need to live one day at a time and plan it in advance.

Sound too simple? It’s not! Take our word for it: If you genuinely want to find your true-self, heal your body, and enjoy radiant health and vitality everyday for the rest of your life, you need to follow a program that produces your desired result. Once again, the secret is to wake up each morning knowing exactly what you're going to do each day, and when you're going to do it. This is the neat thing about Henry Jones's healing and wellness challenges. The programs have been worked out thoroughly and tried and tested. Do them. They work!

Don't Just Try it!

Now don’t say: “Okay, I’ll try these programs.” You’re setting yourself up to fail. Can you see your escape clause? “I tried them, but…" Being committed to trying isn’t the same as being committed to succeeding. You either do them, or you don’t do them. There’s no in-between when it comes to finding your true-self and healing your body.

Totally Transform Yourself.

You need to totally transform yourself on your healing or wellness journey. Transforming your ways means breaking old habits and forming new ones. Yes, you’ll need to make sacrifices on these Challenges, but you’ll never be asked to sacrifice anything that’s good for you. All the sacrifices you’ll need to make will be related to your old, unhealthy ways of living. 

On this point, you must be convinced that the benefits outweigh the sacrifices, otherwise don’t even start the Challenges. You’ll only be setting yourself up for failure. It’s crucial to surrender to the process completely.

This being said, let me encourage you to take this Challenge to the next level. Follow the principles of Henry Jones. For one thing: Cut out all your harmful vices. You need to live in harmony with Mother Nature and abide by the natural laws. Those are your primary objectives! Remember?

But let us warn you in advance, your self-imposed illusions may have to come crashing down. Let them. If this happens to you, watch the destruction around you as if it were happening to somebody else. A whole new you is waiting to emerge. Trust us: Your true-self is who you truly are. It’s what you’ve been searching for your whole life. Have no fear. Dive into these Challenges head first, and make your way towards your true-self with all of your might. The rewards will be worth it. Promise.     
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What Did You Learn?

Blogpost Objective:

The objective of this blogpost is to help you understand the importance of having a program to follow on a healing and wellness journey, and in life!  It sounds obvious, but you'll be amazed at how many folks know what to do to promote their health and quality of life but don't do it.

Call To Action:

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this concept. When the penny drops, and you fully realize its significance, your life will never be the same again. Do the program in the Challenge Workbooks. 
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Do you know the true power of a program now?

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