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How To Score Yourself.

How well are you doing on your healing or wellness journey? Can you measure your personal growth and development? Do you have a monitoring and evaluation system? What if scoring yourself could motivate you to stay on track and enhance your performance?
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In this blogpost, you’ll discover the importance of scoring yourself on a healing and wellness journey. Plus, you'll learn more about the 2 Scorecards in the Challenge Workbooks. If you’d like to know why scoring yourself can revolutionize your healing or wellness journey, keep reading…

Hello there, champion of true wellness...

Even on a healing or wellness journey, days can slip by without you having anything to show for them. Some days you may forget to do some techniques, even though they are in your to-do-list and diary. These ‘indiscretions’ go unchecked. You may be working hard to find your true-self and heal your body but you have no way to measure your progress or performance.

I remember one magical day on my journey of self-discovery: I was sitting in a restaurant adding up my bill in a contemplative mood, pondering over this very issue. It suddenly occurred to me that I could work out how much the meal cost me because the items on my plate had been individually priced. That’s when I had a brainwave!

What if I gave a nominal value to each of the basic, yet essential, techniques I was doing on my program? How much they were each worth numerically didn’t matter. What mattered was that they had a value, and because the values could be added together I could calculate my performance. I started out giving each exercise a common value, three points. This method enabled me to gauge my effort each day by adding the number of points I scored. 

I quickly realized this was a great way to ensure I didn’t skip days. I hated the idea of scoring zero points. As time passed, I began to fathom the magnitude and importance of a scoring system on a healing and wellness journey. Being able to quantify my effort was a game-changer.

A points-based wellness program opened a whole, new world of opportunity for me, and it'll do the same for you...


Every activity you do to connect with your true-self, heal your body, and ensure you enjoy health and vitality inn the long-term - you get points.

Measure Your Results:

Scoring yourself daily is a great way to evaluate your performance, and measure your results over time.

Strive For Better Results:

Having your own monitoring and evaluation system activates your innate desire to be successful or to win, which naturally makes you try harder to get higher scores. 

Improvement Performance:

Tallying up your points each day is a sure-fire way to identify areas for improvement.

Don't Forget Activities:

The simple, but important, daily exercises that are easy to forget – like taking 5 minutes for “me time”, or doing something from your “Happy Plan” – become more critical when you lose easy points on your Scorecard for not doing them.

Have More Fun:

Scoring yourself is a fun, yet extremely effective, way to quantify your efforts to find your true-self and heal your body. All you need to do is add your scores each day using the tool we provide you. It's easy!

Steer Your Activities:

The Challenge motivates you to do specific activities by allocating higher points to them. This simple points system helps you to steer and adjust your behaviour. It’s more than a measurement tool, it’s a guidance system too. 
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The Scoring System.

Who says healing or wellness journeys can’t be fun? Certainly not Henry Jones! In fact, he encourages it. The Challenge Workbooks include a very simple Personal and Program scoring system that makes it easy and fun for you to award yourself points each day for doing activities that connect you to your true-self and promote healing.
Zero effort equals zero score. The maximum score (100 points) is earned when you do everything you need to do on a particular day. 
It’s essential for you to be true to yourself. So, score yourself honestly. You can’t cheat your way to your true-self! And you certainly can't cheat your way back to health! Only award yourself the points you believe you truly deserve.    


The 2 Scorecards in the Challenge Workbooks measure your performance. You’ll soon see that poor results stand out as blemishes in your Workbook. They are an indicator of how seriously you want to find your true-self and heal your body. Try to avoid getting poor results. The Challenges are only 7-days or less. Give them your best shot!

2 Scorecards

Get the Challenge Workbooks and you’ll notice there’s a difference between the Personal and Program scorecards. How come? 

Well, some folks are content to do the best they can without putting themselves under too much pressure. Other folks like to excel at what they do, and thrive on competition and excellence.

Personal Scorecard

The Personal Scorecard enables you to identify a few key activities that you feel comfortable doing each day in the four focus areas: Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. You can rate your personal performance each day using the scorecard provided in the Workbooks.

Program Scorecard

The Program Scorecard (which we affectionately call The Jonesy Test) enables you to track and record your activities each day, and measure your performance against all the activities that Henry Jones recommends for connecting with your true-self and healing your body. Taking the Jonesy Test is a fun-taas-tick way to ensure you stay on the fast track. Try it!
The Program Scorecard is more intense than the Personal Scorecard. You can use both scorecards to evaluate your day’s performance if you’re a super-achiever, or just the Personal Scorecard if you want to stay within your comfort zone.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

The scoring system is a powerful tracking system that reminds you of the things you need to do each day to connect with your true-self, heal your body, and ensure you enjoy radiant health and vitality every day for the rest of your life.

If you’re not scoring yourself daily, then you’re not doing the Challenge properly. 

Jonesies always ask how many points you scored on your journey. This is important!  In fact, it’s probably the most crucial element of Henry Jones's healing and wellness Challenges because it enables you to determine your effort in a single numerical result. It all comes down to this value. Days of intensive activities are defined by your final score. How well you do is up to you. You have the power to achieve a great result. You evaluate yourself.  It’s your healing or wellness journey. You’re in control.

Scoring Yourself Leads To Rewards.

Allocating points for doing the recommended activities enables you to set targets and reward yourself for achieving them. Read the tutorial called How To Reward Yourself. It’ll open your mind to a whole, new dimension on your healing or wellness journey.

What Did You Learn?

Blogpost Objective:

The objective of this blogpost is to make you aware of the value and benefits of scoring yourself on a healing and wellness journey. There's more to it than adding numbers. It is immensely powerful and hugely beneficial to gauge, track, and record your effort. 

Call To Action:

Whether you have the Challenge Workbook or not, start scoring yourself daily for doing activities and techniques that connect you to your true-self, heal your body, and ensure you enjoy radiant health and vitality every day for the rest of your life. Then, tally up your scores each day, for the week, and the months ahead. It's crucial to evaluate your performance. 
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Do you know how to score yourself now?

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