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How To Be Healed.

Healing doesn’t happen spontaneously. Spontaneous regression can happen, but it occurs in the realm of miracles. You can’t depend on it to cure you. If you want to “be healed”, you must go through a process of healing. You must!
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In this blogpost, we'll explain exactly what you must do to be healed. There is a process for you to follow to restore your body to perfect health. Make no mistake about it: when you know this specific process, and stick to it, you can heal your body. If you'd like the steps of this miraculous process to be revealed to you, keep reading…

Hello there, champion of true wellness... 

You’d better hold on tight. The secret of self-healing is about to be revealed to you. Brace yourself!

As you can imagine, we meet people who are sick every day in our line of work. The first question we ask them is: what do you want most right now?   

They usually reply: "I want to get well, or I want to heal my body, or I don’t want to be sick anymore." 

We pause for a moment as if considering their answer, and then we ask: ‘So, you want to ‘be healed?’ 

They always answer, YES! Always!

The thing is you can’t just – be healed. If you woke up one morning and you suddenly didn’t have cancer, or diabetes, or an auto-immune disease any more, that would be a miracle. Right?          

We must say, we do believe miracles can happen, but they rarely do so. You can’t expect a miracle. You have to be the miracle.          

So then, the real question is: how can you… be healed?

This is where your healing journey gets very exciting. Pay attention. What we're about to divulge to you can change your life forever. In fact, if you have a crash helmet nearby we’d suggest you strap it on tight right now because what we're about to share with you will blow your mind.

Are you ready?   

Let's start by putting sickness in its place...

Are you ready to dive into it head first? Here goes:  If you want to be healed, you have to start by putting sickness in its place. People think sickness and disease are localized in the body. That’s an easy mistake to make! You see, when we get sick, we feel the symptoms of disease in our body, and they are very real to us in the physical world. But this is an illusion. Albeit a persistent one – it’s just an illusion.          

Sickness and disease manifest in the body, but they stem from consciousness.

At the deepest level, our lives are an expression of consciousness. What we say, think, do, and feel are channeled from our consciousness. It’s true!  

The choices you make and the actions you take all stem from consciousness. You might think your brain is responsible for creating or producing them, but it isn’t. Your brain is merely a decoder of your consciousness. Your life is in fact broadcast from your consciousness. Yes, that’s true too!  

It is streamed from your consciousness, decoded by your brain and then screened as the reality you perceive and observe around you. So, if sickness and disease are a reality in your physical world, then they too are streamed from your consciousness because everything stems from consciousness. 

Trust this:

If you want to heal your body, you must heal your consciousness.          

True healing happens in the realm of consciousness. When you heal the consciousness, the body heals itself. Herein lies the true magic – the great secret – the source of your true power and ability to heal yourself.  We may not know how to cure chronic illness in the body but we can all shift our consciousness. 

You want a miracle?

Shift your consciousness and your body will heal itself. Ta dah! There’s your miracle. 

Like we’ve already said, don’t pray for a miracle. Don’t expect a miracle. Be the miracle. 

So how do I do that? We can hear you gagging. Well, it all starts with your three brains.

Use Your Brains.

To be healed, you need to know how to activate your three brains. Yes, three brains. Not one, but three. It’s crucial for you to understand how your three brains work together, or you’ll never know how to heal yourself. Genuinely! This knowledge is essential if you want to know how to “be healed”.
Here's why: Your three brains allow you to go from thinking, to doing, to being. They’re called the neocortex brain (your thinking brain), the limbic brain (your doing brain), and the cerebellum (your being brain). 
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Activate Your 3 Brains:

Each brain is its own individual bio-computer. They each have their own anatomy, chemistry, circuitry and physiology. Plus, they each have their own history, and their own sense of time and space.

1. Neocortex

The neocortex is the outer brain. It looks like a bicycle crash helmet. It’s the newest and most evolved brain. It is highly specialized in human beings and is referred to as the seat of your conscious mind. It gathers information from your five senses and organizes it into learning. Right now, you’re reading this blogpost and your neocortex brain is busy organizing this new knowledge into a learning experience for you. Got it?   

2. Limbic

Your limbic brain. It’s housed inside the neocortex brain. It’s the size of a lemon and is also called the chemical brain, emotional brain or mammalian brain. It regulates internal chemical order. I’ll explain what this means and how it works in a minute. Keep reading… 

3. Cerebellum

Your cerebellum is located at the back of the brain stem. It’s also called the reptilian brain and is the oldest brain in evolution. Most importantly, it’s the seat of your subconscious mind.  

Making Neural Connections:

Now get this: There are about 50 billion neurons in your brain. Each neuron possesses the ability to store information and communicate with other neurons. By learning this fact now, you have just created a synaptic connection in your thinking brain, and your brain has physically changed.

Here's why: Every time you have a thought it creates an electrical impulse in your brain. There are more electrical impulses in your brain each day than in all the cell phones on Earth. Wow! 

Every time a thought passes from one neuron to another it leaves behind a crystal residue that forms a synaptic neural connection. I’m saying, neural connections are made when thoughts come together.

The principle of neuro-science is that nerve cells that fire together, wire together. The best part is, you can choose how your brain fires and wires. Human brains work in the same way, but our 50 billion neurons can be configured differently. As thoughts shoot from one neuron to the next they leave behind microscopic crystal residue that form connections.

Learning is simply a neural connection experience.

In fact, learning creates communities of synaptic connections. Through repetition, these connections steadily form neural pathways, which eventually become neural networks. Ideas; concepts; memories; beliefs; experience; skills; behaviors and actions are all neural networks in your brain.

As you learn new things, you biologically wire information into your cerebral architecture. You literally upscale your brain hardware.

Our favourite hero in this space is Dr Joe Dispenza. You really need to buy his books and study his ground-breaking work in neuroscience.  He says: 'Your mind is simply your brain in action.'

Changing Your Mind:

So why are we telling you this? Because you have to reconfigure the neural architecture in your brain to believe you can heal your body. You have to create new neural pathways that facilitate you practicing natural and holistic healing techniques every day. If you want to change your ways, you must change your thinking. There’s no way around it. 

But it’s not enough to just think about it. You can read a thousand books on healing and understand every word with your neocortex brain, but your body won’t understand any of it. Not a single word. You may as well be speaking a foreign language to your body.

So, how do you get your body to understand what your brain knows?            

Get this: Knowledge is for the mind, but experience is for the body. Let’s take it up a notch: When you begin to understand something intellectually, theoretically or philosophically, and you start to apply what you have learned, you modify your behaviour.

Behaviour modification is simply doing something differently. This gives you a new experience. When you do it repeatedly, your five senses report this new experience to your brain, and the neurons organize themselves into patterns. The moment neurons spring into place, your limbic brain releases a chemical, which is a feeling or an emotion, and it travels to your body. This is very, very important to understand. We're saying knowledge is interpreted by the body through chemical emotions created by your limbic brain.

And this requires action – doing!        

You can’t heal your body by reading a book or listening to a podcast. You must take action. We’ll say it again, you must take action. Repetition is the key here. Your limbic brain is activated through repeated behavior.

Doing, doing, doing! 

Got it?

Through repetition, your cerebellum eventually kicks in. Joe Dispensa explains it so eloquently. He says, ‘When your behaviour matches your intention; when your actions equal your thoughts; when your mind and body work together; you teach your body emotionally what your mind understands intellectually, theoretically or philosophically. This neurological and biological transformation activates the cerebellum and you enter a state of being.’

Do you get it now?  

Take Action To Be Your True-Self:

To heal your body you must literally embody the new knowledge you acquire about natural and holistic healing. When you learn new things and put the knowledge into action, the word becomes flesh. The knowledge is literally converted into your body. 

Through repetition, new knowledge eventually becomes automatic behaviour. It becomes a habit.

When you achieve this innate state of mind and body, nothing can shift you from your new ways. No person, no experience, no outside influence – nothing can dissuade you being who you’ve become. Your sustained level of coherence puts you in a state of being.

This, my friend, is how can – be healed. You must neuro-chemically condition your mind and body to make the right life choices in order to heal yourself. You have to go through the process of changing from thinking – to doing – to being. Wow! 

Is this a game-changer, or what?         

Interested to learn more? Read the more blogposts and do Henry Jones's healing programs. Remember, you won't heal yourself by reading blogposts. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION. And our healing programs are a golden opportunity for you to take action and apply what you learn to your own person life. Do them, you won't regret it. You'll only ever regret not doing them.

What Did You Learn?

Blogpost Objective:

The objective of this blogpost is to explain how you can apply the principle of neuroscience to heal your body. Its purpose is for you to understand how your three brains work, so that you use this knowledge to your advantage, and harness the true power of your self-healing ability.   

Call To Action:

If you want to be healed, then you must activate your three brains. You’ve got to shift from thinking – to doing – to being. You must continuously learn about natural and holistic healing techniques, and practice them repeatedly until you've restored your body to perfect health. It is truly incredible what you can achieve when you set your mind to doing a natural and holistic healing program. You won't just heal your body, you'll discover wellness true wellness and experience radiant health and vitality everyday for the rest of your life.  
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