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The True Marvel Of Metacognition.

Do you sometimes feel like a hamster on a wheel? Do you keep doing things that aren’t actually good for you or your body? Are you so caught up in your daily routine that you struggle to implement the changes you know are necessary to heal your body, be your true-self, and enjoy radiant health and vitality everyday for the rest of your life.
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In this blogpost, you'll be introduced to metacognition. Say the word aloud – metacognition. If you want to embark on a healing or wellness journey, you need to understand what metacognition is all about. Achieving metacognition is your goal. You need to pursue metacognition with all of your might. When you start to experience metacognition, it’s the first sign that you’re on the right track. If you want to know how to get off the hamster wheel of destructive behavior patterns, keep reading…

Hello there, champion of true wellness...

Can you remember your graduation ceremony? Can you remember your wedding day? Can you remember the birth of your child?

Of course, you can! Now answer this question: What did you have for supper last Tuesday?

We doubt you can remember. Why? Because routine lulls your brain to sleep. It’s a biological fact: Your limbic brain releases chemical emotions that create a memory.

Thought + feeling = memory.

The stronger the emotion, the stronger the memory. That’s why you can remember past situations where you experienced intense emotions, and you can’t remember last Tuesday’s dinner.

You’re probably not aware of it, but this phenomenon plays a big role in your life. The sad truth is, you’ve fallen into the dreary habit of following the same self-destructive behaviors each and every day. The thrill you experienced when you indulged in your harmful vices for the first time has waned. Now, you’re stuck in a rut. You’ve grown accustomed to doing the same old brain-numbing routines, over and over again, but you can’t stop yourself.

Sound about right?

If so, you’ve been asleep, my friend. But it’s time for you to wake up! If you intend to embark on a healing or wellness journey, you have work to do. You need to consciously and deliberately reconfigure your brain.

When you start to think about a new way of being; when you constantly remind yourself of who you want to be; when you hold an image of yourself doing it and plan your behavior and new actions; nerve cells fire in new sequences and patterns. By doing this, you create circuits to use in the future.

In short: You install the neurological hardware necessary to create the new experience. This is called intention.

You have to develop your intention to be your true-self and heal your body by consciously and deliberately programming your mind to achieve this result. This is what makes Henry Jones's healing and wellness programs so powerful. They are a golden opportunity for you to program yourself to be your true-self and heal your body.

We hope you've read the blogpost called: How To Be Your True-Self or How To Be Healed. They explain how you create neural pathways in your brain, and how your three brains work together to enable you to shift from thinking – to doing – to being.

This is essential reading if you want to know how to be your true-self, heal your body, and enjoy radiant health and vitality every day for the rest of your life. We drum home the importance of repeatedly putting information about natural and holistic healing techniques, and techniques that connect you to your true-self, into your head. 

More importantly, they emphasize the critical importance of applying what you learn. You can’t find your true-self and heal your body by reading books or listening to podcasts, you must take action.

How To Take Action:

When you constantly put supportive information into your brain and take action, you eventually activate metacognition.

Metacognition is a light-bulb moment. The frontal lobe of your brain literally lights up, and you suddenly begin to notice your thoughts and feelings. You observe who you are being, and how you are connected to your old self. Dr Joe Dispenza says, ‘We should think of it as the volume control of our thoughts. It lowers the volume of the circuits connected to our old self, which enables us to observe, instead of participating unconsciously.’

Chances are, you don’t think twice about the food you put into your shopping trolley when you trawl your local supermarket. You’re so busy participating in the experience of grocery shopping that you don’t stop to consider the nutritional value of the food you’re accustomed to buying. You load up with the same products that you’ve bought for years, even though they’re probably killing you and your loved ones.         

However, when you repeatedly read about the harmful effects of man-made food and the healing power of food made by Mother-Nature, meta-cognition will eventually kick in. It will. It really will!           

One day, you’ll find yourself staring at a man-made product, wondering if you should buy it or not. You’ll suddenly hear a little voice in your head telling you to put it back on the shelf. You’ll observe your thoughts and realize you have the power of choice. This is why metacognition is a game changer: It makes you aware of your power of choice.       

Yes, metacognition is the key to change. You see, metacognition activates your self-awareness. The instant you become self-aware, you can step back from your potential behavior to consider your actions. Your usual unconscious behavior is presented to you in the present moment, and you are given the chance to decide how you want to respond. Believe me: This is a breakthrough moment on a healing and wellness journey.   

When your self-awareness is activated, you can transcend the trappings of your modern unhealthy lifestyle and reconnect with the natural laws. You can consciously choose to avoid harmful man-made vices, and live in harmony with Mother Nature. You can stop doing things that provide you with instant gratification but harm you and your body in the long term. And, you can choose to do what is best for you and your loved ones in the future!

In short, you can set aside your ego-mind and be your true-self.  Metacognition is the key.

Interested? In that case, keep reading the blogposts…

What Did You Learn?

Blogpost Objective:

The objective of this blogpost is to explain why metacognition is the key to changing your behavior. It helps you to stop participating in harmful practices by observing your thoughts before you put them into action. Its purpose is to help you realize your power choice, and how to activate it.

Call To Action:

If you want to find your true-self, heal your body, and enjoy radiant health and vitality every day for the rest of your life, you need to constantly put you supportive information into your brain and take action. Through ongoing repetition, you will activate metacognition. You will! Once again, metacognition is the key to changing your ways. You really should do the True-Self Challenge
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Do you know how to activate metacognition now?

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