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The Science Of Changing Your Mind.

Are you stuck in your ways? Do you need to change your behaviour? If you're about to embark on any of Henry Jones's healing or wellness journeys then you'll be required to do new things, change your behavior, and adapt to new circumstances. This process can be overwhelming if you don’t understand the basic principles of neuroscience.
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In this blogpost, you’ll learn the science of changing your mind. It’s a quick lesson in neuroscience, but it’ll have long-lasting effects. When you know this vital knowledge, you will approach changing your behaviour in a whole, new way. Seriously, it's a game-changer. Read on...

Hello there, champion of true wellness...

If you’re just about to embark on a healing or wellness journey, then you'll probably have to change your ways. Listen up: The only way to change your ways is to change your mind.

Let us explain: You’ve got about 50 billion neurons in your brain. Every time you have a thought, or information is processed through your five senses, electrical impulses are created in your brain. We're saying, your brain communicates through electrical impulses. The information travels from neuron to neuron. Each neuron possesses the ability to store information and communicate with other neurons. Every time a thought passes from one neuron to another it leaves behind a crystal residue that forms a synaptic neural connection.

The principle of neuroscience is that nerve cells that fire together, wire together. By learning this fact now, you have just created a synaptic connection in your thinking brain, and your brain has physically changed. Amazing!  

If you’ve already read the blogpost called How To Be' Healed, then you’ll know that your 50 billion brains cells can be configured differently. Yes, you can choose how your brain fires and wires.

Learning is simply a neural connection experience.

In fact, learning creates communities of synaptic connections. Through repetition, these connections steadily form neural pathways, which eventually become neural networks. Ideas; concepts; memories; beliefs; experiences; skills; behaviors and actions are all neural networks in your brain.

If we suggest you wake up at 3.55 am to meditate, you’ll probably have a cadenza, right? That’s only because you don’t have the neural pathways in your brain to facilitate this thought and action. You’re neuro-chemically hardwired not to wake up at 4am to meditate. This makes it very difficult for you to modify your behavior. 

To adopt this new behavior, you need to consciously and deliberately reconfigure and upscale your cerebral architecture. In other words, you have to create new neural pathways in your brain. You need to forge new neural connections that facilitate a new way of being - a new you. In other words, you've got to start changing your mind.

The good news is, becoming a whole, new you is simply a matter of applying the principles of neuro-science.

How To Change Your Ways:

Neurologically speaking, creating a new you is simply the process of unhooking from your old ways and connecting to new ways. This happens every time you consciously change your thinking and behavior because new neural pathways are formed.

The amazing thing is, when you persist with new thoughts and raise the amplitude of your new intention by dwelling on it, the neurons of the loudest thought must eventually be forged by your brain.

Said another way: Your brain must make your dominant thought permanent. This is called neural adaption and adoption.

But how does it work?

This phenomenon will make sense to you when you learn about neural growth factor. It’s the glue that sticks neurons and synapses together. There is only a certain amount of neural growth factor in your brain, so when a new, dominant thought is created and sustained, your nerve cells start to steal glue from the neighboring circuits.

Old memories then start to fade away. (If there’s no fire, there’s no wire.) That is how you biologically and neurologically prune away your old ways. For example: If you want to get into the habit of waking up at 3.55 am to meditate, you can. It’s easy. Bombard your brain with information that supports this idea and take action. Use your five senses to program this information into your mind. Your mind is just your brain in action. Write reminder notes to yourself that say – At 3.55, I come alive!  Tell yourself aloud, ‘I come alive at 3.55’.  Wear a bracelet to remind you to get up at 3.55 am. Do whatever it takes to keep your brain processing this new instruction. Whether you believe it or not, your brain will prune away your old, lazy habits and start to create this new healthy habit for you.

But it doesn’t work if you only do it once or twice. Repetition is the key.

Through repetition, you can neuro-chemically condition your mind and body to make the right life choices in order to heal your body, be your true-self, and enjoy radiant health and vitality everyday for the rest of your life. Eventually, the only signal will be the new dominant thought.

And that, dear friend, is the science of changing your mind.

This is the beauty of Henry Jones's healing and wellness programs: They harness the true power of neuroscience. This provide you with a fun-taas-tick opportunity to program your mind through practice and repetition. Do them, and you'll discover a proven way to bring permanent change into your life. Promise!

BE A JONESY! Prove it to yourself.

What Did You Learn?

Blogpost Objective:

The objective of this blogpost is to explain the science behind changing your mind. It's purpose is to help you make sustainable changes to your behavior by consciously and deliberately programming your mind. 

Call To Action:

Start bombarding your brain with new information that reinforces what you most want in your life. Healing your body, being your true-self, and bringing health, vitality and love into your life should be your new top priorities. Read about these topics, watch videos, listen to podcasts, talk to people about this new approach to life.

Start consciously and deliberately
changing your mind today.  
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