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The Significance Of A Start Date.

Do you want to be happy and healthy more than anything in the world? If there was something you could do to find your true-self, heal your body, and enjoy radiant health and vitality every day for the rest of your life, would you do it? Are you willing to try anything, but you just do know where to start? Are you searching for answers? If you had all the answers, when would be the best time to start?
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In this blogpost, you’ll discover why you should set a Start Date for your healing or wellness journey with Henry Jones. This may seem like a small task, but it’s actually a big deal. If you're seriously considering doing a Challenge soon, keep reading…

Hello there, champion of true wellness...

Your journey towards true wellness begins the instant you learn the difference between your ego-mind and your true-self. However, the day you start one of Henry Jones's incredible Challenges is called your Start Date. It's Day-1 in the Challenge Workbook. This date is truly significant!

"How come?" you ask.

Well, this is the day you take back control of your life. It's the moment in time when you started implementing a plan to consciously and deliberately practice techniques that connect you to your true-self, heal your body, and promote your long-term health and vitality. It's definitely a date to remember!   

You see, your Start Date enables you to record your progress from a fixed point in time. This gives you a benchmark from which to track your performance and measure the changes in your life. As time goes by, your Start Date will become more meaningful to you − much like alcoholics who keep vigilant records of how long they’ve been sober. The longer you stay on your healing or wellness program, the more you’ll want to preserve the integrity of your start date, and the easier it’ll become. Also, the further you get from your Start Date, the stronger you’ll feel, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Guaranteed!

But don’t take our word for it. We're biased. We’ve done Henry Jones's Challenges many times before, and we know plenty of people who have done them too. Try it for yourself!

When Should You Set Your Start Date?

Set your Start Date as soon as possible after you receive your Challenge Workbook, and have finished reading or listening to the Challenge Guidelines and Essential Knowledge tutorials provided to you in the Challenge Member's Area. It's also beneficial to read the book – The Healing Chronicles of Henry Jones.  Study the content as a matter of urgency – but don’t rush through it. It’s important to understand and internalize the information. If you need to, read it more than once. Only when you’re certain that you can begin with the end goal in mind, should you begin the Challenge.
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Of course, you should start applying the life principles immediately. If anything strikes a chord in you while reading the content, try at once to integrate the lesson into your life. The slightest positive change is a big step in the right direction.

For example: You don’t have to wait until you finish reading the content to cut out junk food, or sugar, or start exercising, or stretching. The sooner you start living a healthier lifestyle, the better it’ll be for you. 

Friday's Are Great!

Here’s another good tip for you: Set your start date on a Friday. They seem to be preferable for people who work for a living. It means the first days of the Challenge fall over a weekend, which gives you the chance to get into the swing of things without the time demands of your job. No, you don’t have to do it this way, but it is convenient for individuals who have jobs to do during the week. This does mean you’ll need to clear your schedule on the Thursday afternoon and evening before your Start Date, so that you have time to complete the Day-0 Preliminary Exercises, and plan your activities for Day-1 of the Challenge.

Why Not Join A Group?

Selecting a Start Date with a group – either offline or online – is the best option for you. If you do your healing or wellness Challenge with us, we’ll send you the information you need when you need it, meet with you during the week, and be available to you for guidance and support during the Challenge.

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What Did You Learn?

Blogpost Objective:

The objective of this blogpost is to give you good reasons to set a Start Date for your upcoming Challenge. 

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Select your Start Date, and do the Challenge.
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Do you know why and when to set your 
Start Date now? 

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