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The True Power of a Group.

Do you dislike feeling isolated and alone when you face a challenge? Would you rather get personal attention and support from people who have got your best interests at heart? If you had the chance to belong to a group of people with whom you share a common goal to complete a challenge successfully, would you grab it?
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In this blogpost, you’ll discover the true power of a group. You’ll also find plenty of good reasons to join a group of like-minded people who also want to find their true-selves, heal their bodies, and enjoy radiant health and vitality every day for the rest of their lives. Keep reading…

Hello there, champion of true wellness...

If you’re thinking about joining a Group for your upcoming Henry Jones Challenge, here’s some food for thought...

For starters, some people like to work or study alone. They prefer being accountable to themselves and no one else. They’re self-motivated and thrive on the independence, freedom, and flexibility of ‘going-it-alone’.

Whilst we appreciate that having the autonomy to create your own schedule can be liberating, we can’t ignore the fact that doing our healing or wellness Challenges alone have many downsides.

For example: Studying and working by yourself can be lonely and isolating. Especially when the material you’re working on challenges you to your core! The problem is, you’re on your own. You don’t have a dedicated support team ready to jump in and help you when you need assistance. You have to figure things out for yourself. You have no one to turn to for advice or guidance.

The lack of support can be demotivating and demoralizing. It’s easy to feel like no one cares if you succeed or not. The truth is, your chance of failure is much greater unless you can be your own cheerleader and self-motivate. Also, the desire to procrastinate can be much stronger when you’re alone.

Being in a group of people who have committed to achieving specific goals and deadlines gives you a sense of obligation to perform. Rather than falling to the personal pressure of procrastination, you’ll be surrounded by motivated, serious group members who will inspire you to meet the requirements of the Challenge. Through their encouragement, you’ll naturally want to study the course content, do the Daily Exercises, and follow the wellness program.

Don’t get us wrong: you can do Henry Jones's Challenges on your own but it’s much better to join a Group. You'll see...

There's Power In A Group.

Group power is the collective capacity of a group of people to create influence. We’ve seen it time and time again: Within a group, members influence and motivate one another to do well. Believe us: A bit of moral support goes a long way. Especially when you're trying to change your behaviour (like giving up harmful vices which aren’t easy to do).
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The direct influence of fellow members can dramatically influence your attitude, actions and performance. Peer pressure is an extremely constructive force when it’s used for good. In our experience, the strongest, most engaged Groups rise to the highest levels of performance. They bring out the best in the participants and create a sense of solidarity, unity, and togetherness.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s take a step back and define a Group in our context. A Group is a collection of like-minded people who come together online to do a Challenge at the same time. We meet on Zoom at designated times to discuss the educational content of the Challenge, share experiences, ask questions, and learn from each other. We connect through the social network functionality provided in the Member’s Area. This means you can get to know all the Group members and engage with them directly, if they allow you to do so.

The Four Cs:

Another great advance of being in a group whilst doing Henry Jones's healing and wellness Challenges is that it unlocks the Four ‘Cs’:

  • Communication – Talking about your personal experience and discussing the experience of others.

  • Collaboration - Sharing ideas and working together to solve each other’s challenges and issues.

  • Cooperation - Doing things together, but each with his or her own purpose.

  • Community - Striving for a common purpose and goal.

The four Cs promote social interaction, which is a key component of learning. That’s right, our group members learn from each other, not just our facilitator. They share their personal experience and support each other.

The Benefits For You:

Join a Group, and you’ll hear different perspectives on the subject and therefore understand it from more than one position. Different personalities bring a diversity of ideas, experiences, opinions and insights. Through social interaction, you have an opportunity to review and refine your understanding of the material, and if you’re struggling, you may gain a fresh perspective to suit your learning style better.

Here’s another thing: By supporting each other, Group Members often discover leadership qualities in themselves. The old adage is true: By shining a light on someone else’s path you light your own. 

If you’re still thinking about joining a Group, consider these powerful benefits:

Belonging to a Group…

  • Gives you an official forum to communicate regularly, directly, and efficiently.
  • Keeps everyone in the loop and up to speed.
  • Provides you with the opportunity to ask questions or get help.
  • Enables you to be there for someone else who may benefit from your experience.
  • Spreads enthusiasm and positivity.

The Top 10 Reasons to join a Group:

If those benefits weren’t enough to make you want to Sign-Up for a Group experience right now, perhaps this summary will tip the scale in your decision-making process. Here are the top 10 reasons you should join a group for your upcoming Challenge.

By joining a Group, you’ll…
  • Receive personal attention from the author.
  • Gain a better understanding of the subject by hearing the views and experiences of others.
  • Get different perspectives from a diverse collection of people from all over.
  • Make human connections with like-minded people.
  • Actively engage with the material.
  • Feel empowered and motivated to do well in the group.
  • Enhance your satisfaction with the learning experience.
  • Perform better through positive peer pressure.
  • Combat procrastination
  • Be motivated and inspired by your Group Members.


There’s no doubt about it: Engagement and collaboration will significantly enhance the quality of your learning experience and contribute to producing better learning outcomes for you. By joining a Group, you’ll receive access to a rich learning environment that provides opportunity for interaction and connectedness. Often, long-lasting relationships and bonds are forged between Group members. This happens because the Group Members experience significant personal growth together and share a life-changing event.

Don’t miss out. Join a Group today.

What Did You Learn?

Blogpost Objective:

The objective of this blogpost is to encourage you to join a group for your upcoming Challenge. Do it once, and you'll do it again. They're better than trying to go it alone.

Call To Action:

Join a Group today. 
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Are you inspired to join a Group now?

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