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The True Power Of Ceremony.

Do you want to remember the start and finish of your upcoming Challenge for the rest of your life? Would you like to enrich your experience, and honour these occasions? 
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In this blogpost, you’ll learn how to perform the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for Henry Jones's healing and wellness Challenges. If you'd like to make the start and finish of your Challenges more significant and memorable, keep reading…

Hello there, champion of true wellness...

Take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, and then release it. (Do this now.)

Repeat the exercise, but this time focus your attention on the pause between each breath. Go within, and enter the space between the old breath and the new  breath – the old and the new. (Come on, do it.)

That makes a difference, doesn’t it?

This simple exercise demonstrates that in the ever-changing flow of life, there are moments of completion, which always make space for something new to begin.

Starting and ending Henry Jones's healing and wellness Challenges is significant. Crossing over from your old lifestyle to a new, healthier way of living requires personal transformation and change. These special moments signify your personal growth and development. They denote your awakening, your transcendence, and your enlightenment.

So, it’s important for you to make these occasions both special and official. The best way to do this is  through ceremony. No, it’s not a whole rigmarole. Actually, it’s quite simple. All you need to do is vocalize your intentions before you start the Challenge and express your gratitude when you finish it. (That sounds  easy enough, doesn’t it?)

The Power
Is Within You.

These negative feelings stem from your ego-mind. It is terrified of ceremony. You see, when you connect your intention with a higher purpose through ceremony it amplifies the occasion and unlocks the creative energy that is lying latent around you and within you. You're able to harness your true power in the present moment and tap into your true potential. You bring significance and true meaning into your reality. You connect with something deeper, something greater than yourself, something more powerful, something transcendent. No wonder your ego-mind will try to put you off this essential practice. Don't let it rule you.


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Guidelines for your Opening and Closing Ceremonies

On the first day of the Challenge, take a moment to toast yourself during your sunrise meditation session. You’re  embarking on a quest to find your true-self. You should acknowledge and honour your intention. Here’s how:

Pour yourself a chilled, freshly-squeezed fruit juice, and when the moment is right, raise your glass and repeat the prescribed passage. Here is an example of the True-Self Challenge script:

Opening Ceremony:

“Right here and now, in this moment, and with these  words, I – say your full name – commit myself entirely to the True-Self Challenge. I am ready  and willing to bring wondrous new vitality and positive, constructive change into my life. I am open and receptive to the life lessons I need to learn to find my true-self. So be it.”

After Completing The Challenge:

On the last day of the Challenge, set some special time aside to toast yourself at sunset or in your evening session. You will have accomplished something truly great! So, treat yourself. Make yourself something delicious and healthy to drink; pour it into a champagne glass, and after writing in your Workbook for the last time, raise your glass and repeat the prescribed passage with a big smile on your face. Here is an example of the True-Self Challenge script:

Closing Ceremony:

“Right here and now, in this moment, and with these  words, I – say your full name – acknowledge that I am  truly grateful for all that I’ve learned during the True-Self Challenge. I graciously accept personal growth  and change into my life. As such, and with these words, I claim my transformation and bring true wellness into my life through my dedication and commitment to my true-self. So  be it.”

Accept this wisdom graciously into your life:

As you finish the Challenge, know that new dimensions are waiting to be discovered. You’re passing through a gateway that leads to greater inner wisdom and higher purpose. Be steadfast, be true to yourself, and you will find your true-self, heal your body, and enjoy radiant health and vitality everyday for the rest of your life. (Believe it!)  
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What Did You Learn?

Blogpost Objective:

The objective of this blogpost is to inspire you to perform a simple ceremony to celebrate the start and finish of your healing or wellness Challenges with Henry Jones.

Call To Action:

Do an Opening Ceremony on Day-1 of the Challenge, and a Closing Ceremony on the final day.
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Do you know how and why to do the Opening & Closing Ceremonies now? 

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