Do this 8-Day (7+1) Challenge on your healing journey with Henry Jones and you'll learn how to heal your body with your hands.

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What do you instinctively do when you hurt yourself? Cover the spot with your hands. Right?

Yes, this action prevents further injury but what if there’s more to it than that? What if your hands can help to heal you? It’s no secret that touching, rubbing, stroking, and caressing are very soothing when you’re feeling sick or in pain.

We all know that human touch can provide comfort, warmth, security, and affection when applied with intention. But, have you stopped to consider if there is healing power in your hands?  

Now imagine if you discovered your hands have a phenomenal ability to transfer healing energy. Would you use this energy to revitalize, rejuvenate, and heal your body, mind, spirit and emotions?

How different would your life be if you could harness this healing energy whenever you need it, and direct it towards achieving specific outcomes that you desire most for your life? Interested?
In this Challenge, your goal is to learn a powerful hands-on-healing sequence and practice it each day for a week.

Don't worry, we'll give you all the training material and support you need to do this Challenge. We'll also provide you with a Workbook that explains exactly how to do this 8-day Hands-On-Healing Challenge (7+1), and enables you to design and manage your daily activities.

Naturally, a big part of this challenge is actually applying what you learn. So, you must do the practical exercises we assign you each day. Whatever you do, don't underestimate the power and importance of this subtle healing technique. It really works!
Learning how to heal with your hands is a tremendous life-skill to possess. Accept this Challenge, and you'll benefit greatly from it for the rest of your life. Genuinely!
Are you up for it?

Your Challenge is practice 1 hands-on-healing position each day for 7-days straight, and then do Henry Jones's full Hands-On-Healing Therapy Session.


Henry Jones's Hands-On-Healing Challenge.

Your hands can be powerful healing forces when you know how to use them. Oh yes, it's true! When you lay your hands on or near to your body with the intention of healing yourself, you can connect with the healing energy within you and direct it to wherever you want it to go in your body. The secret is to know how to tap into the magical, mystical etheric field that surrounds you.

Wait a second! Let us explain: Look around you. Your reality seems pretty real, doesn’t it? But this is just an illusion. The truth is, your physical world isn’t made up of solid, concrete objects. It’s actually a swirling, fluid world of radiating energy.  Want proof? Everything in existence is made of atoms. Every atom comprises energy. The nature of energy is to be in constant motion. The energy confined in each atom swirls around, constantly bombarding the atom walls and a limited amount of energy is able to escape. This liberated energy retains an affinity to the bulk of the energy inside the atom. The result is that this liberated energy doesn’t drift off into space, but instead hangs around the atom and forms an etheric field. This means that everything in our known universe has an etheric field because everything in existence is made of atoms. Including you!

Now get this: your etheric field forms the intangible framework on which your physical body is constructed. It constitutes the mainstay of your physical existence, not only surrounding but also minutely interpenetrating and supporting your tangible body. Your hands are the key to channeling energy into your etheric field to restore  inharmonious conditions that cause lethargy, sickness, and disease. Amazingly, restoration in your etheric field automatically results in physical recovery. Is that mind blowing, or what? 


Why You Should Do This Challenge:

Do this challenge, and you’ll learn how to harness the healing energy in your hands and direct it towards specific areas in your body. Powerful hands-on-healing techniques will be revealed to you, and you’ll have the chance to practice them on yourself every day for 7-days straight. On day-8, you'll have the unique opportunity to perform Henry Jones's full hands-on-healing therapy session. It will rejuvenate, revitalize, and heal your body whenever you do it. 

If you're still reading this page now: It's time for you to learn how to heal with your hands now.

Enroll Now!

Learn to do Henry Jones's Hands-On-Healing therapy session today.


The purpose of this challenge is for you to learn how to heal your body with your hands.  


Your primary objectives are to:

  • Learn why and how hands-on-healing works.
  • Learn the basic hands-on-healing positions.
  • Learn how to treat specific organs in your body.
  • Practice hands-on-healing every day for 7-days straight.
  • Focus on one hand position per day, and work towards being able to complete Henry Jones's full Hands-On-healing Therapy Session at the end of the Challenge on day-8.



Accept this Challenge, and you'll learn how to:
  • Heal yourself (and others) with your hands.
  • Identify areas in your life that need healing.
  • Do a powerful hands-on-healing therapy session.


By doing this Challenge, you'll...
  • Know how and why hands-on-healing works.
  • Know the basic hand positions.
  • Understand how these positions affect your health and life.
  • Raise your level of self-awareness.
  • Connect with your true-self. 


Discover healing energy in your hands:

When you place your hands on your body with the intention to heal yourself, a channel is created that enables energy to flow between you and your body. This energy comes from within. It has healing power and it is limitless. This Challenge will show you how to harness it and use it to your benefit. 

Raise your body consciousness:

By regularly practising hands-on-healing, you’ll start to develop a conscious awareness of the relationship between your inner-self and your body. Do this challenge, and you'll unite your external world with your internal world, then wholeness and balance will be restored.

Raise your energy level:

The more you practise hands-on-healing, the more you’ll become aware of the energy flowing through your body. This happens for two reasons: Your self-awareness increases, which heightens your sensitivity; and energy gradually builds in your body through concentrated periods of self-treatment. Do this Challenge, and you'll start raising your energy level immediately.

Master a powerful hands-on-healing sequence:

Accept this Challenge and you'll learn to master Henry Jones's hands-on-healing therapy session. Then, you can treat yourself whenever you like for the rest of your life (for free). How awesome is that! 


Here's what people are saying about the Hands-On-Healing Challenge:
My hands will never be the same again!

"I never used to think of my hands as healing instruments, but that's all changed now."
Harry Thompson
The energy I felt was unmistakable!

"I still get tingles when I think about this challenge. It was an amazing experience."
Joshua Van Vuuren
This challenge is a gem!

"I can't stop talking about my experience because it had such a profound impact on me."
Johannes Klaasen

Read enough to start healing with your hands now?

Lesson series


The Hands-On-Healing Challenge is a wonderful self-healing and nurturing journey - jam-packed into 8 mind-blowing days! The daily Lessons and Exercises will lead you by the hand down the path to true wellness. All essential tools, training material, and support are included. Read on for the details...
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Discover why modern-day scientists are satisfied with hard evidence that your etheric must be taken seriously. Learn how to do a specific sequence of hand positions that comprise a powerful hands-on-healing therapy session you can do any time for zero cost. 
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Learn to do this hand position to relieve worry, anxiety, stress, and depression.
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Learn to do this hand position to become more conscious of your inner world and see your future reality.
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Learn to do this hand position to send messages to your body and boost your personal power.
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Learn to do this hand position to give you the strength you need to speak your truth and express your true feelings.
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Learn to do this hand position to develop your capacity to love with all your heart. 
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Learn to do this hand position to harness your personal power.
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Learn to do this hand position to reflect on your past experiences, absorb all things positive into your life and release all things negative.
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Bonus Lesson.

You'll learn how to do a few other hands-on-healing techniques that you can use to increase the power of your treatments.
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Reflection Session.

It's important to reflect on your life experiences so that you can learn and grow from them. This tutorial gives you the chance to assess your performance on the Hands-On-Healing Challenge, and establish how much it benefited you. 
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The Hands-On-Healing Challenge includes 3 bonus features to help you succeed:



Get the Hands-On-Healing Challenge Workbook (Healing Course) and use it to plan and manage your activities on this Challenge.



This Challenge comes with theoretical lessons and practical exercises so that you can apply what you learn to your personal life.



We'll give you direct access to a dedicated community forum and social networking platform, so you can engage with other participants and learn from their experience.

The Hands-On-Healing Challenge Workbook:

The Hands-On-Healing Challenge Workbook (Healing Course) is designed for personal use. It includes a daily Activity Planner and Daily Schedule that spans 8-days, allowing you to design and manage your own personal plan of action. On top of this: This Workbook enables you to:  
  • Plan your days.
  • Schedule activities.
  • Record your experiences.
  • Monitor and evaluate your progress.
  • Set goals, and...
  • Create incentives for yourself.
The Workbook explains exactly how to do the Hands-On-Healing Challenge. It also includes a Quick Reference Guide that gives you direct access to the vital knowledge you need to complete the prescribed Daily Exercises. This includes summaries, check-lists, study-lists, and step-by-step instructions to make learning easy.

Wait, there's more: The Hands-On-Healing Challenge Workbook is loaded with hard facts, sage advice, words of wisdom and power statements to inspire you to discover your true nature, find your true-self, and heal your body. (Get it, Study it, Live it!)
This 264 Page Workbook is a must have!
The Hands-On-Healing Workbook (Healing Course) is an essential tool for you to use when you do the prescribed Daily Exercises. Each Exercise has a specific text block for you to record your answers, as well as blank pages for you to keep a journal of your Hands-On-Healing Challenge experience, and more. (This is a must too!)


If so, hit the enroll button to discover the true healing power of your hands. 
If not, keep reading to learn more about the Hands-On-Healing Challenge and how you can take it to the next level... 



  • Do the prescribed Daily Exercises each day.
  • Write in your Hands-On-Healing Challenge Workbook.
  • Fill in the daily Scorecard in the Workbook.


  • Download the Daily Worksheets, or even better, get the Hands-On-Healing Challenge Workbook from Amazon. We'll also send you the email link to Amazon after enroll. 
  • The Member's Area also provides you with exclusive access additional tutorials and Itinerary Pages for each day of the Challenge. 

Time Management:

  • The Daily Exercises require at least one hour a day to complete, so make time to do them. (If you compare this time spent to the hundreds, if not thousands, of hours you’ve spent watching television, it’s a small investment to make to ensure your future well-being, isn’t it?)
  • Identify a place where you can practise hands-on-healing without being disturbed.
  • Gather calming influences, such as candles, sweet music, flowers, and scented oils. (They help to create a healing ambiance.) 
  • Avoid unnecessary distractions, such as radio, television, telephones, etc.


  • Plan each day in advance.
  • Schedule specific times to do the prescribed Daly Exercises during the week. (Early mornings and evenings are most popular.)
  • Schedule specific times to treat yourself during the week. (Early mornings and evenings are most popular.)
  • Use the Workbook to schedule these sessions. 


You can do the Hands-On-Healing Challenge on your own at home alone or your can choose to do it in a Group.
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We host fully-facilitated Group Challenges via Zoom. Join like-minded people from all over the world and share this incredible 8-day healing journey with them.


Want to experience eight truly extraordinary days?


  • Start each day by waking up to see the sunrise.
  • Drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of lemon juice - honey optional - first thing in the morning. (This combination is a powerful antioxidant.)
  • Follow a whole-foods, plant-based diet.
  • Cut out all your harmful vices. (Alcohol, smoking, sugar, man-made food, etc)
  • Make time to douse yourself in sunlight -or natural light - at least once a day for 5-minutes.
  • Do something that makes you happy each day. (Make a Happy Plan)
  • Meditate daily.
  • Exercise at least 3 times during this challenge. (Try HJX)
  • Stretch at least 3 during this challenge. (Try Yo-Chi)
  • Be kind and gentle to people, and lavish them with deserving praise.
  • Plan each day in advance. (Use the Hands-On-Healing Challenge Workbook available to you.)
  • Omit or limit television and social media.
  • Go to bed early and get a good night's sleep.
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Be the best version of yourself - your true-self!


Hands-On-Healing Challenge

USUALLY $399.99
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  • Access to the Hands-On-Healing Challenge Member's Area
  • Learning Materials (videos, podcasts, sound bites, and tutorials)
  • The Hands-On-Healing Challenge Worksheets
  • Community forum
  • Access to the Author
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*PDF Wooksheets are provided but we recommended you purchase the Hands-On-Healing Challenge Workbook from Amazon for an additional $29.99.


How much would you value receiving the gift of healing?

What would you give to unlock healing power in your hands for the rest of your life?   

We want to make it easy for you to afford this Hands-on-Healing Challenge, but we also need to finance our mission to help millions of people learn how to heal with their hands.

So, we’ve set the price as low as possible so that it’s a no-brainer for you, and still enable us to earn the money we need to afford the hefty marketing costs.

The bottom line is, you get to do this challenge for the lowest possible price, and we get to help more people. (That sounds like a fair exchange, doesn’t it?)


Okay, to be honest, this challenge will cost you more than $149,99.

We know time is your most precious resource. You'll need to set aside a minimum of 1-hour per day to do the Exercises and follow the week-long healing program we've created for you.

But, the life-long benefits you'll receive from learning how to heal with your hands will make our small fee seem like a gift. You won't ever regret making this modest investment into your well-being and longevity.

We guarantee it!
If you complete this Challenge and you don't think you derived from it the value you paid for it, we'll immediately refund you 100% of the Challenge fee (excluding the Workbook).

All we ask is that you send us proof of your completed Workbook. (We always make this promise, but we've never had to give anyone their money back!) 

My Personal Commitment to You:

I've spent over 20 years researching, studying, practicing, writing, and developing healing and wellness courses. I've also worked closely with medical professionals, healers, and patients to design original natural and holistic healing techniques. My methods have been tried and tested, so I can offer them to you with confidence and pride.

I believe my purpose in life is to help people heal themselves and discover true wellness. I want to reach as many people as possible, so I produce courses that are easily accessible, ridiculously inexpensive, and definitely achievable for laypersons with no medical qualifications. But I don't compromise on quality! 

I'm totally committed to making it as easy as possible for you to do the Hands-On-Healing Challenge. That's why I've produced plenty of content across multiple platforms, which are available to you in the exclusive Member's Area. You're most welcome to reach out to me there, if you need my assistance. Although, I've made this Challenge so self-explanatory and easy to follow that I'm certain you'll do it like clicking your fingers together.    

Enjoy discovering the healing power in your hands!
Peter Stephen Shrimpton
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"My purpose in life is to help people heal themselves and discover true wellness."


"I like the way Peter packaged this Hands-On-Healing Challenge. He makes it so easy for lay-persons to succeed and empower themselves."
Dr Fred Van Der Riet
Medical Practitioner
"I really enjoy Peter's charismatic and motivational style of training. His passion is infectious. He makes me want to do the best I can."
Lynnette Moodey
Health Practitioner

Frequently Asked Questions

Why must I do a program?

A program is a sequence of activities or events that are structured to produce a desired result. Your brain is like a computer. It performs whatever you program into it. Without a program to follow, your brain reverts to default – the habitual destructive behaviours that impair your immune system, compromise your health and create disease. If you genuinely want to heal your body and experience true wellness, you need to follow a program that produces your desired result. The secret is to wake up each morning knowing exactly what you’re going to do each day to promote wellness, and when you’re going to do it.

Do you provide remote coaching or training?

Yes, definitely! Technology makes it possible to meet online using Zoom, Skype, Facebook or WhatsApp. Read more...

How do groups work?

We set a common Start-Date and commit to doing the Challenges together. We meet online - using Zoom (our preferred platform).  

How can I join a group?

Visit our Events to confirm our next Start Date. Space is limited. A maximum of 20 people embark on a Healing Journey together, so that we can provide everyone with the personal attention they deserve. You may have to put your name on our waiting list.

Why do I need the Workbook?

The Hands-On-Healing Challenge Workbook is a practical tool that enables you to:

  • Design and manage your 8-Day Healing Course (7+1).
  • Schedule essential activities.
  • Record your experiences.
  • Track your progress.
  • Set targets and goals.
  • Monitor and evaluate your performance.
  • Create a rewards program.

The Workbook is designed for personal use. You’re meant to read it, write in it, and study it. Don’t panic! It’s very easy to use. Follow the guidelines and you can’t go wrong.

Do I have to read The Healing Chronicles of Henry Jones first?

It’s not essential for you to read The Healing Chronicles of Henry Jones before you start the True-Self Challenge, but we do recommend it. This book will provide you with all the knowledge and wisdom you need to heal your body. It also explains exactly how to do many powerful healing techniques that to restore health and wellness in four focus areas of your life: Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Heal With Your Hands.

You have the power to heal yourself!
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