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Do this 7-Day Challenge and you'll discover your true nature, find your true-self, unlock your true potential, and realize your true purpose in life.
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This 7-Day Mental Wellness Challenge is the first stage of Henry Jones's 40-Day Wellness Journey. Do it and embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery.

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  • Are you the best version of yourself? Think about it: Are you genuinely happy and radiantly healthy or is there room for improvement?
  • Be honest, do you sometimes think and act in ways that are detrimental to your long-term health and well-being?
  • Are you ever anxious or fearful? Do you worry or feel insecure? Are you carrying emotional hurt and pain?
  • How about these negative traits: Are you skeptical or doubting? Do you judge and criticize yourself (and others)? Do you have bad habits and harmful vices?
  • Look closely at your current life situation and ask yourself: Has my life spun out of control? Do I feel like I’ve lost balance and harmony? Have I taken a wrong turn somewhere? Am I sometimes my own worst enemy? In extreme cases: Does my life teeter on the brink of disaster? 

Can you say you've discovered your true nature, find your true-self, unlock your true potential, and realize your true purpose in life? 
The secret to being your true-self is understanding your duality. You see, you are capable of being two completely different people. Yes, it's true! You have two distinct sides to yourself. They are polar opposites: The one is good for you, and the other is bad for you. The one brings out your best, and the other brings out your worst. The one makes you sick, and the other heals you.

Henry Jones calls them your ego-mind and your true-self. Only when you understand these two facets of yourself can you identify which part of YOU is expressing itself at any given time. This 'self-awareness' is a game-changer!

Here's why: When you can tell the difference between the thoughts and feelings of your ego-mind, and the thoughts and feelings of your true-self, then, and only then, can you make conscious choices about your behavior. This breakthrough enables you to realize your power of choice. Then, you can decide who you want to be! 

If you want to "be" the best version of yourself, then you need to do the True-Self Challenge...

Are there shadows
lurking in your mind?

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Are you up for it?

Your Challenge is to live in harmony with Mother Nature, abide by the natural laws, and consciously connect with your true-self for 7-days straight.


Henry Jones's True-Self Challenge

You may think you're in control of your life but this is just an illusion. There's a hidden truth.  In fact, there's a puppet-master that controls what you think, say, do, and feel! 

Yes, it's your ego-mind. This is the mask you show the world. It’s who you become – or pretend to be - not who you actually are. It’s who you think you should be, and who you want other people to think you are. Oh yes, it governs your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and it wants to be in control all the time. It is also the culprit behind all your negative characteristics, and is therefore often referred to as your lower-self.

On the other hand, your true-self is who you really are. It’s the part of you that is spiritual, eternal, and Divine. It’s the essence of your being – the core of your inner goodness. It’s ever-present and always accessible. It’s referred to as your ‘higher-self’ because to access it you must rise above your lower-self, the ego-mind. When you reconnect with your true-self you transcend the pain, misery, lack, fear, doubt, and negativity of your ego-mind and you feel energetic, creative, alive, and full of possibility. Sound good? 
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Your true-self is the one and only path to true wellness. 


Why You Should Do This Challenge:

Believe it or not, there’s a constant battle going on between your ego-mind and your true-self. The fight is for control of your life. If you're like most people, your ego-mind usually wins because you let it be the decision-maker. The problem is, your ego-mind makes decisions that harm your body, make you sick, hurt you emotionally, and bring stress and conflict into your life.

Most people never discover their true-selves. They constantly listen to their ego-minds, and their true-selves get buried beneath their egos. These unfortunate people live their lives from their lower-selves with their ego-minds ruling their heads. They never transcend to their higher-selves. They never reach their full potential, ever! 

In just 7-days, you can break free of your ego-mind and get in touch with your true-self. Knowing exactly how to make this happen is the secret to a long, happy, healthy, and abundant life.

You see, all the higher qualities that you need in order to experience a peaceful and joyous life are within you. Love; joy; happiness; contentment; appreciation; gratitude; prosperity, and bliss come from within you. They’re not created in response to external forces. They originate from within you. They are ever-present!

Learn how to connect with your true-self and you'll find what you've been looking for your whole life. Guaranteed!

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Start your amazing journey to true wellness with Henry Jones today.


The purpose of this challenge is to help you discover your true nature, find your true-self, unlock your true potential, and realize your true purpose in life.


Your primary objectives are to live in harmony with Mother Nature, abide by the natural laws, and consciously connect with your true-self for 7-days straight.  



Accept this Challenge, and you'll learn how to:
  • Recognize your duality.
  • Break free of your ego-mind and get in touch with your true-self.
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind for good.
  • Break bad habits and create new, healthy ones.
  • Set true goals that you can achieve.


By doing this Challenge, you'll...
  • Put your true-self back in the driving seat.
  • Act in your best, long-term interests, always.
  • Find your true purpose in life.
  • Ingrain a positive mental attitude. 
  • Discover new direction and purpose.
  • Be healthy, happy, and blissfully content with your life.


Discover your true nature:

There is a difference between what you've become and who you truly are. This Challenge connects you to your true nature, so that you feel fulfilled, content, happy, and at peace. 

Give authority back to your true-self:

Your ego-mind is not the ultimate decision-maker in your life. Your true-self is the real decision-maker. Your ego-mind can’t make decisions that your true-self can’t override. This Challenge gives you the rare chance to prove it to yourself.

Be the best version of yourself:

When your true-self is present your ego-mind ceases to exist in the moment. This Challenge enables you to harness the eternal power of your true-self, and then live your life to its fullest potential.

Stop hurting yourself and others:

Your ego-mind wants instant gratification, even if what you do is harmful to you. Your true-self only does what is best for you and others in the long-term. This Challenge lets you take back control of your life so that you can focus on what's best for you in the long run..


Here's what people are saying about the True-Self Challenge:
What a

"I learned more about myself in seven days than I did in my whole life."
I'll never be the same again!

"It's like someone switched a light on in my head and suddenly everything makes sense."
Joshua Van Vuuren
Everyone should do this course!

"I can't stop talking about my experience because it had such a profound impact
on me."
Briana Higgins

Read enough to rise to the Challenge right now?

Learn More About The Course Content:

The True-Self Challenge gives you the chance to embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery. The workshops, daily lessons, and wellness program will lead you by the hand down the path to true wellness.

The course content includes workshops, online training material, workbook, and support every step of the way. Read on for the details...
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To answer the age-old question ‘who am I?’ you just have to examine how you behave. It’s that simple! In this Preliminary Exercise, you'll have the opportunity to look at your behaviour, and then define who you are now, and who you want to be in the future.  
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Your ego-mind is not who you truly are. It's who you've become. It's who you pretend to be. But be warned: It's a deception. This Lesson exposes your ego-mind and reveals its negative traits, so you can identify areas in your life where you're being ruled by your ego-mind. Then, you can set yourself free.
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Your true-self is your higher self. It’s the best version of you. In this Lesson, you’ll discover how to think, speak, feel, and act from your true-self.
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You may think you're one person but you're not. You are capable of being two, completely different people. One is false, the other is true. One holds you back, the other liberates you. In this Lesson, you'll learn how to tell them apart. 
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In this Lesson, you'll learn plenty of powerful and effective ways to connect to your true-self. These simple practical exercises will enrich your life, and bring you great joy. 
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Just like the law of gravity governs your physical reality, the five mental laws govern your consciousness. They determine the outcome of your life. In this Lesson, you'll learn about the five mental laws, and how you can make them work for you. 
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Your subconscious mind creates your reality. In this Lesson, you'll learn how to program your subconscious mind so that you can have the life you desire most for yourself and your loved ones. 
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Goals are most often associated with wealth creation or fat loss. But, they actually play a much more important role in life than having money or being thin. Goals give your life direction and purpose. Especially when you develop yourself as a whole person! In this Lesson, you'll discover the true purpose of goals and get the chance to design your future-self holistically from the perspective of your true-self. Just imagine having the power to create your future-self. How would you use it?
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Bonus Lesson.

Habits are powerful forces. They can be destructive or constructive. You can create habits that are good for you and eliminate ones that are bad for you. In this Lesson, you'll learn effective methods to make and break bad habits and have the chance to apply them to your life. Unless you do this, you'll stay stuck in habitual behavioral patterns that will continue to compromise your quality of life, and eventually ruin it. This Bonus Lesson is your ticket to lasting change!
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Reflection Session.

It's important to reflect on your life experiences so that you can learn and grow from them. This Lesson gives you the chance to assess your performance on the True-Self Challenge, and establish how much it benefited you. 
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The True-Self Challenge includes 3 bonus features to help you succeed on your quest to find your true-self:



Get the True-Self Challenge Workbook (Wellness Course) and use it to plan and manage your time and activities on this Challenge.



This Challenge comes with theoretical lessons and practical exercises so that you can apply what you learn to your personal life.



You'll receive direct access to a dedicated community forum and our school's social network so you can engage with other course participants and learn from their experience.

The True-Self Challenge Workbook:

The True-Self Challenge Workbook (Wellness Course) is designed for personal use. It includes a daily Activity Planner and Daily Schedule that spans 7-days, allowing you to design and manage your own personal plan of action. On top of this: This Workbook enables you to:  
  • Plan your days.
  • Schedule activities.
  • Record your experiences.
  • Monitor and evaluate your progress.
  • Set goals, and...
  • Create incentives for yourself.
The Workbook explains exactly how to do the True-Self Challenge. It also includes a Quick Reference Guide that gives you direct access to the vital knowledge you need to complete the prescribed Daily Exercises. This includes summaries, check-lists, study-lists, and step-by-step instructions to make learning easy.

Wait, there's more: The True-Self Challenge Workbook is loaded with hard facts, sage advice, words of wisdom and power statements to inspire you to discover your true nature, find your true-self, and heal your body. (Get it, Study it, Live it!)
This 264 Page Workbook is a must have!
The True-Self Challenge Workbook (Wellness Course) is an essential tool for you to use when you do the prescribed Daily Exercises. Each Exercise has a specific text block for you to record your answers, as well as blank pages for you to keep a journal of your True-Self Challenge experience, and more. (This is a must too!)


If so, hit the enroll button to embark on this amazing 7-Day journey of self-discovery. 
If not, keep reading to learn more about the True-Self Challenge and how you can take it to the next level... 



  • Do the prescribed Daily Exercises each day.
  • Write in your True-Self Challenge Workbook.
  • Fill in the daily Scorecard in the Workbook.


  • Download the Daily Worksheets, or even better, get the True-Self Challenge Workbook from Amazon. We'll also send you the email link to Amazon after enroll. 
  • The Member's Area also provides you with exclusive access additional tutorials and Itinerary Pages for each day of the Challenge. 

Time Management:

  • The Daily Exercises require at least one hour a day to complete, so make time to do them. (If you compare this time spent to the hundreds, if not thousands, of hours you’ve spent watching television, it’s a small investment to make to ensure your future well-being, isn’t it?)


  • Plan each day in advance.
  • Schedule specific times to do the prescribed Daly Exercises during the week. (Early mornings and evenings are most popular.)
  • Use the Workbook to schedule these sessions. 


You can do the True-Self Challenge on your own at home alone or your can choose to do it in a Group.
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We host fully-facilitated Group Challenges via Zoom. Join like-minded people from all over the world and share this amazing 7-day journey with them.


Want to experience seven truly extraordinary days?


  • Start each day by waking up to see the sunrise.
  • Drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of lemon juice - honey optional - first thing in the morning. (This combination is a powerful antioxidant.)
  • Follow a whole-foods, plant-based diet.
  • Cut out all your harmful vices. (Alcohol, smoking, sugar, man-made food, etc)
  • Make time to douse yourself in sunlight - or natural light - at least once a day for 5-minutes.
  • Do something that makes you happy. (Make a Happy Plan)
  • Meditate daily.
  • Exercise at least 3 times during this challenge. (Try HJX)
  • Stretch at least 3 times during this challenge. (Try Yo-Chi)
  • Be kind and gentle to people, and lavish them with deserving praise.
  • Plan each day in advance. (Use the True-Self Challenge Workbook available to you.)
  • Omit or limit television and social media.
  • Go to bed early and get a good night's sleep.
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Be the best version of yourself!


True-Self Challenge

USUALLY $399.99
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  • Access to the True-Self Challenge Member's Area
  • Learning Materials (videos, podcasts, and lessons.)
  • The True-Self Challenge Worksheets
  • Community forum
  • Access to the Author
  • Access to our School's social network
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*PDF Wooksheets are provided but we recommended you purchase the True-Self Challenge Workbook from Amazon for an additional $29.99.


How much would you pay to find your true-self?

The fact is, finding your true-self is priceless. It enables you to be the best version of yourself 24/7/365. When you discover your true-self, you get to experience firsthand how wonderful and rewarding life can be for you and your loved ones.

We want to make it easy for you to afford this True-Self Challenge, but we also need to finance our mission to help others connect with their true-selves. So, we’ve set the price as low as possible (so that it’s a no-brainer for you), and still enable us to earn the money we need to afford the hefty marketing costs.

The bottom line is, you get to do this challenge for the lowest possible price, and we get to help more people. (That sounds like a fair exchange, doesn’t it?)


Okay, to be honest, this Challenge will cost you more than the sale price of $149,99. We know time is your most precious resource.

You'll need to set aside a minimum of 1 hour per day to do the prescribed Daily Exercises and follow the week-long wellness program we've created for you.

But, looking back on this Challenge, and realizing the enormous benefits you receive from finding your true-self, you'll swear this is the best investment you ever made in your life.

We actually guarantee it!
If you complete this Challenge and you don't think you derived from it the value you paid for it, we'll immediately refund you 100% of the Course fee (less the Workbook).
All we ask in return is that you provide us with proof of your completed Workbook. 

(We always make this promise, but we've never had to give anyone their money back!) 

Peter's Personal Commitment to You:

Peter has spent more than 20 years researching, studying, practicing, and writing about natural and holistic healing. In this time, he authored the book, The Healing Chronicles of Henry Jones, and produced a series of healing and wellness courses. Working closely with medical professionals, healers and patients, he also designed original healing techniques that are powerful and effective. His methods have been tried and tested, so he can offer them to you with confidence and pride.

Peter's life purpose is to empower people to find their true-selves, heal themselves, and enjoy radiant health and vitality everyday. His goal is to help as many people as possible, so he produces courses that are easily accessible, affordable, and doable for laypersons with no medical qualifications. But he doesn't compromise on quality! 

Peter is totally committed to making it as easy as possible for you to do the True-Self Challenge. That's why he produced an extensive range of training videos, podcasts and lessons that make learning easy. All this exclusive content is available to you in the Member's Area once you enroll. You're most welcome to reach out to Peter in our school's social network, if you'd like assistance from him. This being said, this Challenge is so self-explanatory and easy to follow that we're certain you'll complete it successfully without any problems at all. 

Enjoy this amazing journey of self-discovery!
Peter Stephen Shrimpton
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Peter believes: “Our capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance, it reinforces our connection with each other and gives our lives true meaning.”


"Peter's knowledge and understanding of the duality inherent in mankind is astonishing. He really knows his stuff, and genuinely wants to help people with his insights and wisdom."
Dr Fred Van Der Riet
Medical Practitioner
"I really enjoy Peter's charismatic and motivational style of training. His passion is infectious. He makes me want to do the best I can."
Lynnette Moodey
Health Practitioner

Frequently Asked Questions

Why must I do a program?

A program is a sequence of activities or events that are structured to produce a desired result. Your brain is like a computer. It performs whatever you program into it. Without a program to follow, your brain reverts to default – the habitual destructive behaviours that impair your immune system, compromise your health, and create disease. If you genuinely want to heal your body and experience true wellness, you need to follow a program that produces your desired result. The secret is to wake up each morning knowing exactly what you’re going to do each day to promote wellness, and when you’re going to do it.

Do you provide remote coaching or training?

Yes, definitely!  Technology makes it possible to meet online using Zoom, Skype, Facebook or WhatsApp. Read more...

How do groups work?

We set a common Start-Date and commit to doing the Challenges together. We meet online - using Zoom (our preferred platform).  

How can I join a group?

Visit our Events page to confirm our next Start Date. Space is limited. A maximum of 20 people embark on a Healing Journey together, so that we can provide everyone with the personal attention they deserve. You may have to put your name on our waiting list.

Why do I need the Workbook?

You can use the worksheets we provide you but it's better to get the True-Self Challenge Workbook. It is a complete bound book with all the materials inside, so you don't have to print out worksheets. This practical tool also enables you to:

  • Design and manage your 7-Day Wellness Course.
  • Schedule essential activities.
  • Record your experiences.
  • Track your progress.
  • Set targets and goals.
  • Monitor and evaluate your performance.
  • Create a rewards program.

The Workbook is designed for personal use. You’re meant to read it, write in it, and study it. Don’t panic! It’s very easy to use. Follow the guidelines and you can’t go wrong.

Do I have to read The Healing Chronicles of Henry Jones first?

It’s not essential for you to read The Healing Chronicles of Henry Jones before you start the True-Self Challenge, but we do recommend it. This book will provide you with all the knowledge and wisdom you need to heal your body. It also explains exactly how to do many powerful healing techniques that to restore health and wellness in four focus areas of your life: Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Find your true-self.

This is what you've been searching for your whole life!
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